YogaFX Benefits of Yoga For Networking

YogaFX Intensive RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Canggu

A workout for your body, your mind, and your network — at the YogaFX yoga studio right here in Ubud Bali.

We’ve all heard the rumor… but are yoga and cooking classes really THE PLACE TO MEET NEW PEOPLE❓


Attending a regular class with like minded people, such as yoga, is one of the best ways to meet people and extend your social network.👫👭

In our busy world, meeting people with a common interest is increasingly difficult. But chat before a class, or pause for a drink after a workout, and you’ll quickly discover a wealth of common interests and networking opportunities.

And with everyone in the same FRAME OF MIND, it’s the perfect place to meet and connect.

Bali hot yoga = business success

YogaFX Intensive RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Canggu

Fitness is BECOMING INCREASINGLY VITAL in your professional life. You’ve seen the CEO’s that start the day with an iron man competition before completing a multi-million dollar deal? The ability to stay fit despite stressful days and long hours is a signal of success to others, illustrating time management, discipline and managerial capabilities.📅

Bali hot yoga is the perfect keep fit tool for a busy professional. Providing strength training, a cardiovascular workout as well as detoxing your system and calming the mind, it is the ultimate workout for any city commuter.

Why is YogaFX the place to extend your network?

With none of the pretension that often comes with other yoga studios, we are designed for you —  Ubud yoga professional. Our YogaFX  yoga studio in Ubud Bali is little slice of bliss in the chaos of the outside world… a place for you to relax, revive and restore.🧘‍♂️

YogaFX Yoga Alliance RYS 200 Hour Teacher Training Studio Canggu Bali

And with other like minded business professionals doing the precise same thing, it is the ideal place to meet new people, swap ideas and contacts, and chat about your day.

There is no chanting, no trickling fountains, and no purple kaftans… just professional people such as yourself, looking for a total body workout. And with everyone relaxed and calm, YogaFX could be one of the best environments in Ubud Bali for focused and clear minded NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY.

In fact some of the best friendships can be made through like minded interests such as yoga!

So lets get started

Our FREE 1 GUEST PASS gives you access to a class. And soon, all YogaFX classes can be booked online, so you are guaranteed a place.

With nothing to lose, it could be the most productive hour of your day!

YogaFX – You’ll love it!

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