When most people think of yoga as a profession, their minds immediately jump to yoga teachers and studio owners. So here are some best online yoga instructor job. 

The yoga industry brings in over $37 billion per year, and as the community grows. So do the opportunities for employment. When most people think of yoga as a profession, their minds immediately jump to yoga teachers and studio owners. Although these can certainly be viable pathways to earning a living through yoga. they aren’t the only ways. Because of that, we will describe the best online yoga instructor job.

If you live for yoga and want to make it your livelihood, read on here’s a look at some of the best yoga jobs and career opportunities.

Festival Organizer

Yoga festivals are an increasingly popular phenomenon, from the 3HO Yoga Festival in Europe. The famous Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali, to Wanderlust Yoga and Music festivals held in a variety of locations.

If you’re a yogi who also happens to be interested in event production. You might enjoy working for one of these festivals. You can also consider working at a music festival that includes yoga classes.


Secondly about the best online yoga instructor job is Music and yoga. There’s actually a closer connection than you might think. As the popularity of yoga grows, the types of classes are evolving, too, and it’s becoming increasingly common for teachers to play music during their classes.

Many large classes, workshops, festivals, and retreats feature DJs that drop unique beats to accompany the yoga flow. MC Yogi, for example, has made a name for himself mixing music made specifically for yoga.

Brand Ambassador

If you have stellar people skills, you might want to consider working as a brand ambassador. Such as for yoga-related products or services, whether it be new health food, a type of yoga mat. Or a line of yoga wear, many brand ambassadors run booths or demos at yoga festivals, studio openings, and other yoga-related events.

Retail Salesperson

The next about the best online yoga instructor job is a retail salesperson. Any companies now offer their own lines of athletic clothing purposed for yoga. And there has also been an uprise of smaller brands designing unique yoga wear lines.

best online yoga instructor job

There are also several big-name companies that focus primarily on apparel for yoga. Lululemon is one example, The Canadian-based shop has more than 400 storefronts, and given the breadth of the company. There are numerous opportunities for advancement to higher-level positions.

You can find yoga retail jobs the same way you’d find any other kinds of retail jobs. Review these tips for how to get a retail position, how much you can expect to earn, and the skills you’ll need to get hired.

Yoga Researcher

There has been continuing research into the physical and mental effects of yoga and its relation to health outcomes.

Scientists have looked into yoga for diabetes, cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even for smoking cessation, menopause, and many other conditions.

Many researchers are still exploring the benefits of yoga, in a variety of different fields, from psychology to physiology.

Yoga Therapist

The next about the best online yoga instructor job is a yoga therapist. All of the research behind yoga has been used to design both psychological and physical therapy programs that utilize yoga and meditation. Yoga therapists often work in community health centers, rehabilitation clinics, or physical therapy offices, though some may open their own private practice.

best online yoga instructor job

Although the field is an emerging one, several universities offer advanced degrees in yoga therapy and yoga science. For example, the Maryland University of Integrative Health offers a Master’s Degree in Yoga Therapy.


Lastly about the best online yoga instructor job is an entrepreneur. It’s no secret that the yoga industry rakes in lots of cash. For better or for worse, there’s a lot of money to be made, and a wide market for yoga-related merchandise.

Entrepreneurs of all kinds have capitalized on the opportunity, and in recent years there have been a variety of new products introduced to the market: from custom yoga mats to non-slip yoga socks, from wild printed yoga leggings to food and drinks popular in the yoga world, like coconut water and kombucha.

So, if you have stumbled onto a clever idea, you might want to see if you can make something of it.

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