Discover 5 Quick Ways To Nail Your Yoga Class Sequencing


Sequencing a Yoga Class Top 5 Tips

Your YOGA CLASS SEQUENCE should be well rounded, well thought through, dialogue complete, and most importantly well practiced, before you ever think about presenting it to your students.

There is nothing worse than being in a yoga class when the teacher starts having to think about “WHAT’S NEXT“.

You can literally hear the pin drop as the students know “YOGA TEACHER FREEZE”❄

Avoid this at all costs

Stick to, and learn a popular yoga series early in your yoga teaching career.

From this foundation, and only with yoga teaching experience (50 + hours of teaching), you will feel confident of managing any sequence variations together with correct dialogue instructions. The following 5 tips will give you some guidance.

1. A well-rounded yoga sequence

Should include all of the various groups of poses. Focusing your sequence should be focusing on equal parts of  strength, flexibility and balance. Moving the spine in all directions (flexion, extension, side bending and twists).

During your Yoga Alliance credentialed 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course in Bali, with YogaFX International Yoga Teaching Academy you will learn the world’s most popular yoga sequences.

A well rounded balanced sequence will include opening, warm-up pranayama’s. Standing poses, balancing poses, inversions. Back bends, twists, forward folds, floor series. Spine strengthening and closing postures ending with Savasana.

as your confidence experience improves🚀

You will easily be able to replace one pose for another in the same category and to keep things simple yet interesting.

2. Building your class around a posture

Picking a more difficult posture to build up such as Camel or Triangle, is a fun and creative way to sequence your class. Most of your yoga students will have a favorite posture, and a not so favorite posture, just like you do.

Once you’ve picked your pose, consider how you can guide your class to it. Of course, remember to incorporate counter poses in the cool down before final relaxation.

3. Anatomical Focus

Focusing on a particular area of the body for example whether the hips, backward bends, forward bending, shoulders, hamstrings, is pleasant and effective way to plan a class that students will love.

Change the anatomical focus each week to build a complete Yoga class series

At YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training we will guide you through this exact technique

4.Teaching sequence actions

During your yoga class pick one or two key sequence actions to drive home each class. This will not only help you determine the poses in your sequence but also BECOME MORE CREATIVE with your delivery.

5. Theme, or Bhavana your yoga sequence.

Choose a theme or bhavana (feeling) to sequence your class around, incorporating groups of poses that help your students embody and experience the feeling, you’re imparting.

For example your theme could be “BUILDING YOUR OWN STRENGTH” and then you have your student’s hold Warrior poses.

Themes are endless safety comes first

As you can see from the above, sequencing a yoga class take a lot of thought and preparation. It really isn’t anything that you should be worrying about during the early years of your yoga teaching career.

At YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training course we will guide you through all of the above techniques

We will clearly demonstrate to you, that as you become a great yoga teacher you will become more aware. You will come to realize that you do not actually have to change your GO TO yoga sequence that we will teach you.😇

As, included within your foundation sequence, each posture has their very own mini yoga class.

Remember an average yoga class is 60 mins ⏰

How many yoga postures can you actually safely complete during 60 mins, along with Savasana?

YogaFX Yoga Teaching Academy will take you through a yoga sequence one step at a time.

DO NOT WORRY about sequencing any yoga classes at this stage of your yoga teaching career. What is very important is that you learn a complete, popular yoga sequence, along with the correct dialogue.👈

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