Goals Of Life And The Keys To Success In Life

keys to success

To know the true self is the only moral purpose in life and become the keys to success in life.☀

We cannot know our true selves, even though this is a crucial part of the keys to success in life. Self entwines with the body and mind nature. Ignorant persons think of their body as the Self. And then others think of the mind as the Self, but both are wrong. But then the question arises if the Self is not the body or the mind,

why is it affected by them?

IN THE MIND OF CONSCIOUSNESS, various kinds of waves, movements, or changes due to conditions of action or conducts by oneself influence the Self. Then one cannot see the true Self.

This is the reason that when waves of anger arise we think we or the Self is angry

When the waves of love fill consciousness, the reflection of those makes us think of the self or are in love. The waves of weakness arise and reflect on the Self; we feel that we are weak. Habits and mental patterns course the Self; it gives rise to different kinds of waves or fluctuations as long as there is even one wave in the mind’s lake.

the true nature of the Self cannot be revealed or seen or felt

Until we can ultimately bring peace in mind and quieten down all the waves and fluctuations, the true nature of the Self cannot shine forth. And this is the reason why Maharishi Patanjali Ji has given various methods while explaining to us the different kinds of fluctuations and teaches us how to eradicate them clearly and directly.

The repetition of ‘Om’ with mindfulness…

Meditating on the sound helps fluctuations to quieten down and BRINGS THE MIND TO PEACE.

Rock Illustration

And then one day will come when even the repetition of ‘OM’ is no longer needed as a medium to still the mind. Then the Saadhak comes into the Nirbheej Samadhi, the Seedless State, and reveal the true Self in its pristine state. One becomes aware of one’s greatness and attains liberation and salvation.

To attain success in Yoga, Bhagwan Shri Krishna said in the Gita:

Yuktahaarviharasya Yukta Cheshtasya Karmasu

Yuktaswapnavbodhasya Yogin Bhavati Dukhaha

To live a healthy and disciplined life is part of the keys to success

and to tea, It the peak of our highest aims, the Gita disclosed some rules that if we follow, we can reach such a state in this human life that we couldn’t have realized in ordinary life.

From these rules three are very important food work sleep

life circleIf we can gain control and balance over these in our lives, our lives will become more blessed. All our troubles will go away, which the Saadhak can go on his yoga path and be successful in attaining his goals. The one who gets accustomed to too much work, food, and sleep will never accomplish much in his life and away from success.

In today’s world, it is these three imbalances that humanity is more familiar with. If we could use just a little more understanding and think about it intelligently, bringing a change and balance in food, work, and sleep is not difficult. And those are all the parts of the key to success.

Diet, Exercise, and Eating Habits, also part of the keys to success

Keys to Success in a good life

Our eating habits are not balanced at all.

NOWADAYS, PEOPLE SAY THAT to Maintain good health, it is crucial to take vitamins. To become healthy, people eat chicken. People expect good health by eating chicken and eggs – but how can you wish to be healthy through eating something known for its weak ‘chicken heart’??

When we eat animals that are timid or frightened such as goats and sheep – how can we be surprised when we become helpless and lack confidence?

One should pay a lot of attention to one’s food and make better decisions…

For a well-balanced diet, we need to ask ourselves what to eat and what not to eat. Any food that is too hot or too strong to digest disturbs the Consciousness in our mind. The lighter the food, the more valuable and meaningful it will be to start the Journey of your inner life.

Healthy food Pyramid

FOR A BALANCED DIET, the first thing we need to keep in mind is that It should not be too hot and spicy, intoxicating, or too heavy. With the right food, you should not reel heaviness or dullness. If we feel heavy or dull after eating, we must understand that we have taken the wrong diet.

A very famous doctor, Kenneth Walker, wrote in his autobiography.

“After a lifelong practice, I can say one thing with certainty. The food people eat, half of it goes into their stomach, and the other half fills the stomach of the doctors. If they ate only half of what they consume, there would be no illnesses, and we would no longer require doctors.”

Some people remain ill because they are not getting enough food, and some people remain sick because they are getting too much food. Some people die of hunger, some part of consumption. The ratio of people dying of consumption is higher than people dying of thirst. A man living without food for three months can remain alive.❤

Comparing foodHOWEVER, AS SOME PEOPLE eat too little and some people overeat, the same mistake can happen with exercise.

For example, bodybuilders work out a lot. A bodybuilder puts a lot of strain on his body and uses – using force makes some muscles develop more. Still, many have health problems and shorter life spans. When we use power on our body, the muscles might expand, and the body might appear to be very strong and healthy and look like a good ‘exhibit’…

…But there is a big difference between exhibition and life

Another matter regarding food as important as what we eat is the state of mind when we eat. The more relaxed our mind, the more trouble-free and pleasant state of mind when eating, the more balanced and nourishing the food will be, making inner power stronger.

Making Work-Life Balance as the Keys to Success

Keys to success in Work life balance

The other important aspect is about working balance. These days it seems like we see the work as a shameful task. Many essential jobs end up being done by a servant, and we are not aware that we are losing something in our lives by doing less work.

AS AN EXAMPLE – one day in the morning, Abraham Lincoln was polishing his shoes. One of his friends came to his house at that time, and his friend said to him,Lincoln, what are you doing? Why are you polishing your shoes yourself?” Lincoln said, “You have put me in doubt. Why do you polish other people’s shoes?” His friend replied, “No, no, I get them polished from others.” To which Lincoln replied, “Worse than polishing other people’s shoes is that you make other people polish your shoes.”

This means that you have lost the straight connection with life through work

Balancing life for keys to successBalanced work (not too much and not too little) is an essential part of the awakening of energy and consciousness. So it should be in the hands of everyone.?

Exercise can also be work. It’s essential for energizing the body, increasing prana, and awakening consciousness. Each person should find his capacity to balance his body and the amount of physical work he can do and should do. Ultimately, a balanced life and work style is a powerful and most necessary understanding for our well being. Again, this is part of the keys to success. ?


Sleep ilustrationMany people in the world who to sleep less have categorized it as an unnecessary nonspiritual need. We have ignored sleep that we have become disconnected from the deep spiritual centers within ourselves.

A person who is unable to sleep well is not able to live well.

SLEEP IS NOT AN UNNECESSARY or idle state. The eight hours or so spent sleeping do not go to waste. It is because you can sleep for 8 hours that you can stay awake for 16 hours. Every person should try to find out his body rhythm – one can do so just by thinking.

after how many hours of sleep and waking up do I feel the most healthiest and fresh❓

That Is my sleeping time, that is my discipline, no matter what somebody says: One needs to find out for him/herself. The deeper and longer you sleep, the more you will experience a proper and restful sleep. I am talking about sleep, not about lazing in bed, because lying down on the bed is not sleep. The right time for you to wake up is when rest has left you after getting adequate sleep.

Each person must find his rhythm.

FOR THREE MONTH, every human should try and discover his balance of food. Work and sleep and see what the healthiest, most peaceful, and most meaningful way of life is. Each person should find this for him/herself as no two people are alike, and that is why no rule can have the same effects for everyone.

keys to success balancing life circle

There is no such thing as a ready made formula

Every human is an individual. Every individual is unique. And until they try to find and discover their disciplines, no other field will work out for them. Every person should find his way of life, his own Sadhana, to discover his path in life. There is no clear cut path for the practice of sadhana. One learns it by following it and increasing one’s understanding of it.

These are three sutras disclosed to us by Bhagwan Ski Krishna for the keys to success.

  • Healthy food
  • Right work
  • Good sleep

By maintaining these, we will be able to develop our awareness and our energy centers. These all become an essential part of the keys to success.

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When the energy centers awaken, we come close to that high consciousness where miraculous things happen, the experience of which we cannot attain in ordinary life.