Nutritions Plan & Yoga a Great for Wellness Combination


Yoga And Good Nutrition Is The Perfect for Well-Being Partnership 

Are you, one of those people who work around 40 sometimes 50 hours per week? Getting just a little bit of rest on the weekend in between social engagements, only to then find yourself back on Monday morning wondering what happened? you need nutrition and yoga.

Do you feel like there is not enough time in a day? Like you are constantly on a deadline to arrive on time, complete on time, and sit down sometimes wondering what the point is?


All this stress for just a 2 or 3 weeks holiday a year, upon which you invariably get sick as your body collapses?


The world has never been more connected concentrated and stressful?

THE QUESTION to ask is: are your current lifestyle, working habits, eating habits, social habits, fitness habits moving you closer to good health and well-being or, are they promoting more frequent visits to the doctor and periods of unhappiness??

Modern-day statistics show increased levels of suffering from stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes just to name a few. Diabetes and obesity are shown as a precursor to many other forms of illness and disease.

Statistics and many many published research papers prove that…

…your internal wwell-beingis paramount.

A LOT OF THE ABOVE mentioned diseases and illnesses have become more commonly reported in the mainstream media in the past 20 years. If we travel back in time a generation or two, a lot of them were not even on our radar.

A brief history lesson shows to us that in the early 70’s the food processing companies starting adding sugar (high fructose corn syrup) to all of our processed food.

Now I’m not here to lecture you on the vagaries of sugar, you are smart enough to know this already. But it is just important to acknowledge that the Nutritions Industry has only really started to establish itself over the past 20 years, as the wheels started to fall off our personal health in yoga nutrition.

It seems that everyone now has their own nutritionist

What is going on in society today to cause stress and toxicity to our bodies?

red tickHow much bottled water do you buy? There are in many parts of the modern world still with questions about the quality of their drinking water: Dihydrogen Monoxide, Fluoride, chlorine, mercury being the common protagonists.

red tickCHEMICAL PRODUCT, pesticides, transgenic fats, sugar, salt just to name a few of the excesses in our food today. Only now are companies and authorities stepping up and taking action. Sugar taxing for example.

red tickCosmetic companies have long been under siege for the contents of their product range. They still have a long way to go in educating the public as to the potential long-term effects and SIDE EFFECT both mental and physical, of repeated use of certain makeup skincare products.?

Maybe it’s time to have a break? 

How can yoga help with any of this?

Simply put yoga makes you more aware.

Yoga will make you more aware of your bad habits and help you cultivate good new positive habits.?

The yoga community, in general, is very healthy with good nutrition and good influence. Of course, there are the extremists re food, but in general, it is a good place to start any mind, body, and spirit rehabilitation.

There is a certain LAW OF NATURE that dictates that whatever has been created can be recreated. So whatever state that it might find itself in, a living organism will always return to its natural state of equilibrium.

From small steps comes great change in yoga nutritions!?

Perhaps a Bali Yoga Retreat is what you might be looking for??

We all need a bit of a push sometimes to get us started with any new good habits. Making any real sustainable change needs a bit of effort. But together, with a consistent approach, support, love, and good influences big things will come.

A 22 day Yoga Retreat in beautiful Bali may get you back on track, and provide a foundation from which to build a much more, positive, happy, and balanced life.

A Bali retreat with a focus on yoga will work your mind your body and your spirit. Changes in your diet together with a physical yoga program will increase your overall well-being in a much more efficient way.?

The results will amaze you


Once you become more aware of what you are actually eating and make the changes to reduce foodstuffs that have ZERO NUTRITIONAL VALUE you will very quickly realize and experience the benefits to your mind body spirit.

These benefits will be felt even without a yoga program, but yoga provides you with the physical, mental, spiritual side of things. YOGA WILL ASSIST YOU in a complete detox mentally and physically.

How does that sound?

During any detoxification process, a lot of things will rise to the surface. This is normal. During your yoga practice, your breathing patterns will change from the more common western style of breathing, being shallow and short, to a more calm diaphragmatic breathing using your full lung capacity.

Correct breathing patterns benefit the central nervous system from operating in fight and flight mode to a more calm-centered disposition.

The benefits of proper breathing techniques are many:

?Helps to regulate your heart rate.

?Will calm you down during an intense moment.

?Improve your concentration and focus.

If you did EVER DECIDE to join our YogaFX Yoga Alliance Registered RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Seminyak you will start a daily yoga practice.

With regular daily yoga practice, you will slowly start to see your body, mind spirit transformations, from the inside out. Your regular yoga practice together with any diet modifications that you choose to make, will enhance your detoxification process.?

Throughout your DAILY YOGA PRACTICE,

your body warms up from the inside. Muscles, joints tendons, ligaments all become more supple and flexible.

Your blood is thinned reducing vascular tension in your major arteries, thus reducing your blood pressure. The detoxification process has begun evidently by sweating through your largest organ the skin.

It is during your 20 days of correct nutrition and daily yoga exercise that your body will naturally build more lean muscle and naturally lose excess body fat.

Detox Recommendations

Any detox program that you might commence does not have to be extreme. In fact, avoid doing anything too extreme in such a short space of time. It is not good for your system, and the side effects can really be quite annoying. 




??Mood swings

??Low energy to name a few

These side effects are temporary depending upon for example the amount of






??rice that you may normally eat and drink

With most symptoms passing by the 3rd or 4th day

A lot of students actually take a “before and after pic” before they arrive, So that they can see their transformation when they can get home

Are you planning a bit of a detox?

If so then please start the process 1 week before you arrive. Slowly start to cut out anything white (bread, rice, and pasta), tea, coffee alcohol, soft drinks, candy, and the other colorful brightly packaged items on your supermarket middle shelves.

WE RECOMMEND that you exclude one or two food and drink categories per day for each of the 7 days before you arrive. This will stop the intense sugar cravings and your body will adjust more harmoniously.

Start eating more fresh vegetables, eggs, meat, fish and chicken, or other protein providers if vegetarian-vegan. Start drinking much more water, as in the first few days you will lose a lot of your bloated feeling and excess fluid.

ALL OF THIS PREPARATION will serve you well should you be looking for maximum results of nnutrition mind, body, spirit during your stay with us in yoga.?

Your Bali Yoga Retreat

along with your Hatha Yoga 200 Hours Teacher Training, is the perfect opportunity to start the process of becoming a better version of yourself. After 20 days you will lose your bad habits and will have formed positive new ones. You will find balance and harmony from the inside out and will take away with you the skills that we teach you to continue on your path.

If you were always sick before, always tired, maybe moody or unhappy, you will have at the very least give yourself just a glimpse of how really quite easy it is to be a better self.

Your body will be stronger your mind will be stronger you will have learnt a lot

you will have made some new lifelong friends from all over the world. It is been proven scientifically, that 20 days is the period of time that your brain needs to create a new neuronal connection. That means that your new life routines all come to you in the most natural of ways. You will have new ways to nourish yourself, a new healthy body, a strong mind, and a new vision of yourself and your future in nutritions yoga.

People will compliment you on your new vibe, new aura, bright eyes, good skin, and soon you’ll start to encourage people around you because you feel so good. True!

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Don’t try to be perfect maybe just a little bit better everyday !

Your Best is Yet To Come!

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