The 7 best online yoga lessons to help boost your mental health

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Online Yoga lessons are also the perfect form of exercise for these tumultuous times, as you can practice mindful breathing and meditation. helping to calm down an anxious mind.

There are also a lot of benefits to the at-home practice, as Chatty Dobson, owner of FLEX Chelsea studio, says: “Without a class full of other students you become a lot more focused on yourself; your own breath, how you feel. With no instructor physically in the room, there are no hands-on adjustments, so you have to rely upon yourself to become more aware of your body, your positioning, your alignment. Yoga is a mind-body connection, and now that the mind is free of additional distractions, it becomes much easier to focus on that connection.”

beginner’s tutorial programs on YouTube to relaxing yin yoga with your favourite cult fitness brands.

1. Yoga With Adriene

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The O.G. online yoga lessons sensation, Yoga With Adriene is the YouTube channel with a whole wealth of programs to get you started – whether you’re brand new or are back to do 30 Days of Yoga for the umpteenth time. This Texan yogi will put a smile on your face and has a whole range of videos for different abilities, from learning individual postures to programs targeting specific muscles and areas, Adriene’s your gal.

2. FLY LDN Online

One of London’s best yoga studios, FLYLDN may have gained fame for their immersive screens and gorgeous settings, but their teachers are also top-notch.

3. FLEX Chelsea Zoom

New fitness studio FLEX Chelsea has always had yoga on their class roster, but now they’re adapting to these new times by bringing it online. Live Classes will be via Kuula TV, with 6 classes per day, £12 per class live & recorded (or unlimited on the class pass)

4. HelloYoga App

One of the best yoga apps available, HelloYoga offers the unique experience of one-to-one online yoga lessons with tutors all over the globe. Select a time, flow style, and instructor that suits you, then simply tune in for a personalized class. They may not be able to make adjustments through a screen, but if you’re after perfecting your technique and learning from international experts this is definitely the option for you.

5. 1Rebel Rebel TV

Known for their cult spin classes and Reshape offering, 1Rebel gyms have now launched their own at-home workout service called Rebel TV. but they also have yoga classes available. Supplementing their more dynamic workouts.

Online yoga lessons help to build additional strength and stretch you out well and properly.

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