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YogaFX Can Everyone Do Yoga? You’re Never Too Old Never Too Unhealthy

In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika Swatmaramji says: Yuva vridhova vyaadhito durvloipi va Abhyasaat Siddhimapnoti sarvayogeshvatandrit (H. P.) The door of yoga is open for everyone, whether he...
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YogaFX The Many Types of Yoga Indian and Western The Comprehensive Guide

According to the passage of time, we can classify different kinds of yoga into two sections: 🧘‍♀️Modern Yoga  🧘‍♂️Traditional Indian Yoga. Human desires are unlimited and human...
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YogaFX The Roles, Path and Founders of Yoga

From the many different spiritual and philosophical teachings of India, yoga occupies a very important place amongst them. IT IS AN AGE OLD TRUTH, and...
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YogaFX Discover The Importance of Yoga in Everyday Life

THE IMPORTANCE OF YOGA IN THIS WORLD, EVERY PERSON WANT A PEACE, wants to live in peace and wishes to live a blissful life of happiness....
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YogaFX The Practice of Meditation The Four Most Useful Tips

Some Useful Hints in the Practice of Meditation: 1. DURING THE PRACTICE OF MEDITATION, please do not put any strain on the eyes and the...
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YogaFX Goals Of Life And The Keys To Success In Life

To know the true self is the only true purpose in life.☀ We are not able to know our true self because the Self...
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YogaFX Benefits of Yoga When Travelling

Yoga is more popular than ever before and its popularity is still on the rise.📈 MANY PEOPLE RELY ON YOGA as a means of staying...
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YogaFX Anatomy and Physiology Lecture With Dr. Sumit Sharma

About Dr. Sumit Sharma Dr Sumit is a dynamic and charismatic Anatomy and Physiology Teacher who has taught hundreds of students from over 35 countries as...
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YogaFX Why 96% Of The World Do Not Practice Yoga ?

"96% of the world do not practice yoga because they think it’s too boring." True ! Maybe "Happy-Speak" Has Something To Do With It Years ago...