Looking for jobs in NLP? So you finished your NLP Training and now you feel you have the choice to either become a coach or a trainer?

If you aren’t very creative, I am sure this limited choice is true. NLP, however, can be applied in many occupations. It is important to keep in mind, that much like most jobs, you don’t “easily” become it overnight. It requires learning, practice, application, job experience, or perhaps even starting at the bottom. Talent, tenacity, and passion are important too.


Whether it is being a business coach, life coach, or a wellness coach most NLP Practitioners seek to become a coach.
We would actually say, that with a lot of passion, hard work, and business skills, this is by far the easiest to accomplish, shy of incorporating your NLP training into your current job.


Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training etc

Jobs in NLP - YogaFX

Personally, we think that becoming a teacher of yoga, pilates, and personal training is more than a 2-week course (in fact this takes years of training!) But a good start to one day being able to become a teacher in any of those fields is by acquiring certification and experience in one of these areas. They blend wonderfully together with NLP and can be applied simultaneously, especially where it comes to language-based work.

The other jobs in NLP are Motivational Speaker or Spiritual Leader. A few former students chose to go on the speaker circuit, motivating others. They are available for hire as paid keynote speakers at large conventions, or they show up as the motivator behind a corporate event.
For this, it especially helps if you have a certain type of expertise (or acquire one first), or have a special life story to share.

Also, students have embarked on the path of Christian coach or as a speaker in various churches.

Several students have become writers of personal development books! Whether it is about a way to change your life, to sell better, lose weight, etc., these students were all able to create very successful coaching or consultancy practices as a result of writing their book.


Jobs in NLP - YogaFXIt always strikes us as bizarre when people decide to become an NLP Trainer, without any application experience in the field, or mastery of their skills. It should be a process of years and daily application before someone becomes an NLP trainer.
We initially got my feet wet after the first NLP Practitioner course I took in college, by being a “soft skills trainer.” We would teach pieces of NLP, personality typing, public speaking, and coaching.

It was a perfect choice to acquire mastery in NLP over time as a coach, while still honing my skill set as a trainer at the same time. That set me up to eventually be an NLP trainer and a trainer of coaches.

Many people end up advancing their skill set in hypnosis and meditation, to become a true expert in unconscious mind work. They may or may not market themselves as hypnotists first, as the name “NLP” is oftentimes not something looked for when a client is seeking a hypnotist.

Motivational Speaker / Spiritual Leader

The other jobs in NLP are Expert consultants or advisors. As an NLP (Master) Practitioner, you have an expertise that not many people have, especially if you truly mastered your NLP craft. This puts you in the position to become an advisor or consultant.
It is your choice to literally use the term “NLP” in your marketing or to simply go with tools that you have, such as the ability to review marketing campaigns, or the way the teachers of a local elementary school teach dyslexic children or conflict management.
We recommend, that you develop a skill alongside NLP, to up your credibility as an expert.

It was a perfect choice to acquire mastery in NLP over time as a coach

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