Maybe you have already done a ton of research and you are ready to sign up. Where is the best place to learn an NLP practitioner certificate?

Below are top-rated NLP practitioner certificate programs. These NLP training courses were ranked based on their reputation, cost, and time commitment.
Perhaps you know someone who specializes in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Or you have done some research and you are starting to seriously consider becoming an NLP practitioner as a possible career path.
You may like the idea that NLP can help others tackle phobias and anxiety disorders, as well as help them transform their thoughts and actions to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones.
However, you are unsure of how exactly the NLP practitioner certificate and NLP training work. You want to help people. You are just unsure where to start.

In this article, you will find out:
1. How NLP training works
2. The difference between different levels of practitioners
3. The best ways to learn NLP
4. The Top 4 NLP certifications
5. Alternatives to NLP training
Start your journey toward a fulfilling career right here and right now.

NLP Training

First things first, what is NLP?
Neuro Linguistic Programming combines neural processes, language, and behavior. But, what does that mean?
Essentially, NLP uncovers how mindset or emotional states impact a person’s communication and behavior. When you take an NLP training, you discover the language hidden within the deep areas of the conscious and subconscious mind and what it means.
Generally, an NLP practitioner certificate aims to help a person change by transforming this language through alternative perceptions, responsible communication, and responsible behavioral patterns.

NLP tools and techniques help individuals communicate more effectively – in and outside themselves – as well as develop new attitudes and methods to work toward one’s goals.
NLP practitioners can help individuals overcome anxiety. This technique can rid a person of life-long phobias. It is further a useful tool in generating personal development and increased happiness.
NLP practitioners may help a person move forward after a past trauma. This modality can help flip their perspective and view obstacles or situations from a new viewpoint.
NLP training also teaches you how to help others to do this. Interestingly, most NLP training courses do not require any prerequisites or qualifications, making it highly accessible for those interested in becoming an NLP practitioner.

NLP Practitioner VS NLP Master Practitioner

The NLP Practitioner Certification is for beginners or individuals who have had no prior NLP training or qualifications. On the other hand, the NLP Master Practitioner Certification may be taken following your initial NLP Practitioner Certificate.
The main difference between an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner is their depth of knowledge and skills.
An NLP Master Practitioner has a greater toolset filled with various techniques that they can use to find solutions for their clients. An NLP Practitioner training lacks some of these skills, techniques, and tools.
Most individuals begin with the NLP Practitioner Course. If they fall in love with NLP as a career, they often go onto complete the Master Practitioner Certification. This enables them to serve their clients better from a wider toolset.

The Best Ways To Learn NLP

So, how should you gain the necessary knowledge you need to become certified in NLP? There are NLP books, NLP training courses, and many options in between. The following sections offer a more in-depth look at your choices.

NLP Books

Perhaps you are unsure about whether or not you want to pay for NLP training courses or certifications quite yet. You likely want to invest a small amount of money in more research and determine if NLP is, in fact, a good fit for you. NLP books are a great place to start.
They will not give you an official title, but they allow you to dip your toes in and see what NLP is truly all about. Which books should you look into to learn NLP?

Here are the TOP books on the subject to get you started and to allow you to dive into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming – without substantial costs.
1. NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Tom Dotz
2. The Big Book of NLP by Shlomo Vaknin
3. NLP: The New Technology of Achievement by Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner
4. Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler and John Grinde

NLP Training Courses

Certification and accreditation
NLP is self-regulated. This means that there are various organizations and governing bodies that regulate the profession, but that most do not have their own regulatory department. This also means that in most cases, NLP practitioner certificate is internationally recognized.
Depending on where you live, there may be professional bodies that have been established to maintain quality standards, as well as provide accreditation to existing NLP programs.
Most often, you must become a member by proof of an accredited NLP Certification.

you must follow their standards and ethics when practicing.

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