Practicing yoga at home even just once a week can elevate your practice and connection to self.

But the question is, why to become a yoga instructor at home when you can teach yoga in a group?! This is what your student will get when you become at home yoga instructor:

Personal Attention and Motivation

At-home yoga instructors can definitely deliver more personalized attention to improve poses and asanas. A customized and more focused approach for yoga training can help in fighting a variety of diseases and maintain your student’s stress levels. As yoga instructor, you can understand everybody’s requirement and easily help your student’s in attaining maximum level of motivation and satisfaction.

Zero distraction

Definitely, there is no more convenient & comfortable place other than home sweet home for finding peace and relaxation, where nothing can distract or bother in doing Yoga. Visiting some other place can cause a little inconvenience, your student may skip classes due to multiple reasons, whether they feel lazy or rain appears suddenly; there are “n” number of reasons which can distract them from attending classes.
On the contrary, your students can do Yoga without any distraction at their home. Isn’t it right?

No Traveling

Of course, yoga training at home gives complete leverage to feel fully relaxed and they do not need to take their vehicle to travel for taking your yoga lessons. Yoga can be fully felt only if one is ready to fall for it and move into a zero state, and this is nearly impossible to gain if you start a class after driving or after doing any activity that spikes your adrenaline. It is not about pumping your hormones but it is about relaxing your hormones. So if your student can take your yoga classes without traveling, then it is highly recommendable.

Regularity in yoga classes

Regularity and continuity is the ultimate way to achieve any goal. So if you want your student to take full advantage of this amazing practice called yoga, then you need to make it a habit and yoga training at home can undoubtedly help them in being regular with your yoga sessions. You won’t let them miss your classes.

Hassle free yoga & Lifestyle management

If you want your class to be smooth and peaceful then yoga at home is the best option. No stress of driving or reaching somewhere, no lazy excuses, no other distractions, and ultimately no hassle for your student. It is a must for practicing yoga that your session should be easy and stress-free, and then only you can enjoy this science.

Lifestyle mismanagement is the major cause of many diseases and syndromes. To avoid these problems every practitioner will recommend maintaining an active lifestyle, regular exercise or yoga and a balanced diet can keep away from many problems. Nothing is better than making exercise/yoga a habit. You can surely help in maintaining regularity and continuity.

So, what are you waiting for guys, let’s give it a try!

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