Bikram Yoga Teacher Training

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Just Imagine joining Bikram Yoga Teacher Training! Save Thousands of Dollars and learn Bikram Ashtanga Vinyasa Hatha. Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else.

There has never been a better time to put your future squarely in your own hands and master this valuable new yoga teaching skill set that will be forever in demand, from now until you retire, if you retire.

Please check out our Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and join 100s of other students from around the globe that have graduated from the world’s greatest Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.

And not just because your yoga teacher training course in Bali is an excellent opportunity to learn fun, and a life-transforming new skill. Or that your new status can free up your lifestyle enough, that you can live a truly fulfilling life.

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Course Details

  • Course Start Date: Saturday, 20th January 2024
  • Graduation Date: Saturday, 3rd February
  • Course Only Price: $2499 $1999

YogaFX is grateful to have been approved by Yoga Alliance to teach the full RYT 200-hour course online. We prefer to blend this approval with our Unique YogaFX Certified HYBRID Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200 hours.

Our Unique Approach

Week 1 BEFORE ARRIVING in Bali, you will complete the Exclusive YogaFX Pre-Course Preparation AT HOME. Upon enrollment, you will receive the Exclusive YogaFX Pre-Course Preparation, where you will complete 5 Premium Lectures ONLINE from our comprehensive Premium Online Lecture Series Library, consisting of over 50+ World Class Yoga Teacher Training Lectures.


You will receive the Complete Bikram Hot 26 & 2 Standing Series Dialogue ONLINE. This means you can practice your dialogue using the tips, tricks, and techniques mastered by Mr. Ian from thousands of hours teaching around the world.

Our unique approach means you save thousands of dollars and time spent away from family, friends, loved ones, and work, while also saving costs on accommodation and out-of-pocket expenses.

Our approach ensures that our students arrive in Bali fully prepared, on the same page, in great shape, and ready to go.


It will be intensive, exciting, and dynamic. Live in-person practical daily yoga training sessions, real teaching opportunities for your first class, posture clinics, dialogue mastery, and modifications. Just imagine all this in beautiful Bali, opening your eyes to your true potential.

You will also receive a free Google listing as a certified Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher and your own personalized Bikram Hot 26 & 2 Yoga Teacher Training Event Show Reel, highlighting your journey throughout the course.

You will join other fellow international Bikram Hot Yoga students from all parts of the world. This program aims to reduce the time you need to be away from your job, family, and loved ones, providing you the opportunity to save both time and money.

Don’t miss this game-changing opportunity. With nearly 400 five-star reviews, we are proud to offer one of the world’s best standard yoga teacher training programs.

Our January Bikram Hot Yoga 26 and 2 Yoga Teacher Training Course has only 35 spots available, and over 30 enrollments have already been made. We only have 4 spots available for you at this $1799 price. Don’t miss out.

Express Your Interest

Mr. Ian is looking forward to having a quick chat with passionate Bikram Hot Yoga teachers like yourself. Please text “JANUARY” to book a call with Mr. Ian and secure your spot and the Special Anniversary Early Bird Promotion Price. We can then send you full dates, full details, and full course inclusions for January and the next steps.

We hope to see you in Beautiful Bali. Thank you for your interest in YogaFX; it is greatly appreciated.