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YogaFX 100% Money Back Guarantee 🎆
Plus More Yoga Teacher Training Course Inclusions

At YogaFX, we believe in not only providing you the World’s Greatest Yoga Teacher Training Course but also providing you with the Best-Value-For-Money-Yoga Alliance Registered RYT 200 Hatha Course that your investment can buy. What great course inclusions you can get!

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Upon your arrival and registration, your course includes the following:

1. A 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, that’s right. Your investment with us has a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked. All you have to do is write us a quick note of your request to leave the course by exactly 12 pm on your 2nd Day. We will refund 100% of your investment minus any accommodation cost and an $80 admin charge. That’s it!

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2. The Complete and Comprehensive YogaFX Lifetime Yoga Teacher Training Reference Manual

This exceptional, comprehensive 250-page manual has been carefully crafted to include among other’s

The Complete Hatha yoga series of postures and benefits.

The Complete Ashtanga sequence of Hatha yoga postures.

The Complete Bikram Beginners Series of Hatha Yoga postures.

The Secrets Of The Kundalini.

The Keys To Success In Life

It is from these two Hatha Yoga series, the world’s most popular yoga sequences. After developing a significant, confident, and strong posture dialogue, you will have complete freedom and enthusiasm to explore other yoga class sequencing styles, including Bikram Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, and Flow.

Other topics covered in this comprehensive yoga manual are:

course inclusions - goodies

The Importance of yoga

The Obstacles of Yoga Sadhana

External, Internal Yoga

The Divine Power of The Mudras



Seven Chakra Energy Centres


Plus much much more.

And the best news is that we believe once you have made your intention to join us in Bali, by transferring your $349 RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course deposit, it is only right that we send you something in return straight away, as a demonstration of our gratitude.

3. A 150 Page YogaFX Posture Clinic Workbook

This workbook is one of the two Yoga Course companions that you will put in your bag and take everywhere with you during your stay.

This YogaFX at-a-glance quick reference guide is for taking to your class and posture clinics. It will help and detail alignments, adjustments, and posture benefits along with quick dialogues references, and space for taking notes. There is also an easy video access link for educational tutorials, which will be most helpful during your course non-contact hours.

4. Joanne-My Yoga Dialogue Guru

The second of your constant Yoga Course companions is Joanne-My Yoga Dialogue Guru, which includes The 20 Most Important Yoga Teaching key words.

Joanne, your Yoga Dialogue Guru, will always be on hand to offer yoga class dialogue keywords just when you need them. Joanne offers a complete, comprehensive, and detailed posture dialogue for a 45 minute 60 minutes, and up to a 90-minute yoga class.

Joanne will cover posture dialogue from the start of your posture to the finish and everything in between. Joanne, your Yoga Dialogue Guru, also includes yoga posture benefits and dialogue variations to keep things fresh and broaden your posture knowledge.


Joanne is extremely important to your yoga teaching career and is a very keenly-sought-after yoga pot of gold.

Treasure and keep in a safe place !

5. Paid a deposit elsewhere to get the “early bird price.”

And now feel that our YogaFX course would be more suitable for you, and save you thousands of dollars? Then don’t worry. We are aware that the other RYS’s will not refund you an enormous deposit in some cases.

Please talk to us. We have offered solutions to many students just like you that have found themself in this predicament. In all cases, the result has been thrilled students joining our course and graduating as one of The World’s Greatest Yoga Teachers.

Ask Us Now About Our YogaFX Deposit Paid Mistake Option

6. Accommodation Included 19 nights in Beautiful Seminyak Bali

Yes, that’s right, we are taking your accommodation expenses and including them in our all-inclusive Yoga Alliance Approved RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. And still, we are managing to keep your total investment well below what other RYS’s are charging JUST FOR THEIR Course. Enough said!


a. Triple Share Option.

Suitable for a smaller budget and yoga groups traveling from overseas.

Limited to only 6 students per course.

One of the triple share benefits is that there are only two rooms of three beds available in one large villa. Villa FX is positioned next to the pool. Villa FX has its own kitchen, bathroom, shower, TV, and large common area to relax and practice after your day. A quick dip in the pool is two steps from your front door.

A total of only 6 spots are available in our 19-night fully-inclusive accommodation and RYT 200 hour package. Why not arrange a small group of your yoga friends and ask us about a further group booking discount. Minimum 6 people for group discount booking.

Early Bird-Only 6 spots. All this for only $1999 pp, fully RYT inclusive.

Your total investment is well below what other RYS’s are charging JUST FOR THEIR Course. This price will not be repeated and will rise in future courses. Early-bird Price $1999 ( full $2299 Triple Share ) Enquiry Now.

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b. Double Share Option

Limited to only 16 students per course.

Perfect for you and a friend. The room includes two good size single beds, own shower, fridge, kitchenette, TV. Imagine a tidy hotel room. A total of only 16 spots are available in our 19-night fully-inclusive accommodation and RYT 200 hour package. Ask us about our “Share-The-Fun-With-A-Friend” option and receive a further 10 % discount for two friends who come together and join the same course.

Only 16 spots. All this for only $2299 Early Bird (Full $2499), fully RYT inclusive. Ask about Early Bird Prices

Your total investment is well below what other RYS’s are charging JUST FOR THEIR Course. This price will not be repeated and will have to rise in future courses.

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c. Single Room Option

Limited To Only 2 Premier Suites

Perfect for Couples having a getaway yoga retreat in Bali or a Yoga teaching couple with designs on building their own yoga community. This option is also perfect for the single professional wanting a bit of extra room and luxury.

This a large premiere suite with its own kitchen, bathroom, separate common area, TV, double size bed, and only one step away from the pool.  A total of only 2 premiere suites is available in our 19-night fully-inclusive accommodation and RYT 200 hour package.

One suite. All this for only $2990 single person, fully RYT inclusive. Please aSK ABOUT EXTRA PERSON COST

Only one room available and is a prevalent request.

Your total investment is still well below what other RYS’s are charging JUST FOR THEIR Course. This price will not be repeated and will rise for all future courses.

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7.Yoga Alliance Registration RYT 200 Certificate 

Yes. The certification that you receive from YogaFX on completion of the course will allow you to apply for Yoga Alliance for registration as a certified yoga teacher. It is not mandatory to apply for Yoga Alliance registration, but it will significantly improve your yoga teaching opportunities. We will take you through the yoga alliance registration process step by step.

And the most stunning news is this !

Your total YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training investment is absolutely well below what other RYS’s are charging JUST FOR THEIR Course.

YogaFX PictureAt YogaFX, we are committed to providing you with our students with a complete WIN-WIN scenario with any life-changing investment decision, which potentially can change the course of your life.

We can only achieve this course value because of our tremendous goodwill developed by our long history in Bali and because of the trust, respect, and cooperation of the local Balinese community.

In turn, we are passing on to you our student this goodwill by maintaining our recognition as The-World’s-Greatest-International-Yoga-Teacher-Training-Academy, offering The-World-Best-Value-For-Money-Yoga-Teaching-Training-Course.

The above course inclusions are a one-time one-course offer!

8. Course Inclusions

And our all-inclusive RYT 200 Hours and accommodation package will not be repeated.

We have a limited number of rooms on offer and a limited number of students participating in this course.

Price rises on our next course are inevitable, as there are tremendous venue pricing pressures within Bali, especially in one of the most desired Bali locations, Seminyak.

Please talk to us today; we would love to hear from you, and let’s start the New Year with a resolution that has absolutely the potential to change your life!

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9.Teacher Training Rejoin Anytime Free –

Yes, that right that once you graduate, join us again in Bali on our YogaFX Teacher Training absolutely free. Come with a friend who may want to complete the course. Just cover your accommodation cost. That’s it


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10.YogaFX Graduates Private Members Lounge FREE Access Value $349

We like to think that we are so much, much, more than just another Yoga Teacher Training Course. Upon graduation from YogaFX, you will gain access absolutely FREE OF CHARGE to our vast resource library, which has more than 60,000 words. Topics covered range from:

Yoga for a Good Night’s Sleep

Yoga For Stress

Yoga For Anxiety

Yoga For Travelling

Yoga Apparel Trends

Pranic Healing Yoga

Yoga Practise Started Kits

Yoga to The Complete New Yoga Studio Marketing Plan.

This resource has been carefully compiled over the past 8 years from gaining knowledge, wisdom, and contributions from many experienced professionals in their chosen field. We have carefully selected the most valuable and useful information.

The general public can access this most valuable resource and is available for $349. Upon graduation from your course, access is absolutely FREE

This is absolutely NOT TO BE MISSED resource.

11. YogaFX Offers Local Pre Registered SIM Phone Number

With 8GB of data pre-loaded. Please advise if you require a local SIM Card on your arrival.

The Internet in Bali has its challenges, but at least you can save on International Roaming charges.

12. Friends With Benefits-

Why not share the fun and your Bali experience with your family and friends.

When two friends join the same course simultaneously, both will receive a 10% Off their Yoga Course Investment and have your own room to share. Perfect.

13. YogaFX Discover Your Flexible Food Options And Be Amazed At Your Cost Savings

Food Options. It is essential to eat the food that you like. When you join our YogaFX Teacher Training Course here in Bali, you will be treated as adults, and our goal is to keep your yoga environment as close to a real-life scenario as possible. One of the most difficult transitions a new yoga teacher will go through is the first week of their Yoga Teacher Training, new faces, new environments, new routines, many more yoga practices that you are used to, and a lot of new information.

CLICK HERE To Read The full Food Options Article 

There are so many more YogaFX Course Inclusions for you to experience!


Isn’t it about time, that you are in the right place at the right time!

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