Power Of The Mudras And Everything That You Wished You Know Complete Comprehensive Guide Part 2


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Mudras Used For Awakening the Kundalini Shakti

Ashwini Mudra

ASWHINI MUDRA IS THE STARTING MUDRA used to prepare one for the correct practice of Mulabandh. Ashwini mudra is practiced by repeatedly contracting and releasing the anal tract. THROUGH THIS PRACTICE, the urinary and semen vein is strengthened, and all diseases related to these organs are prevented.

This mudra can be practiced at any time sitting in any asana, one can also do it standing up or lying down.

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Practicing this mudra in the beginning helps one to perform Mulabandha easily


Vajroli is actually a kriya from the Hatha Yoga tradition, not really a mudra but some practitioners of yoga classify it in the mudras. One practices this mudra by drawing in water, milk, pure oils, ghee and mercury (only for advanced levels) through the urinary tract. Among these, drawing in milk and mercury are considered as most superior. According to Hatha yoga, one who does the Vajroli does not need to follow any other rules, he becomes the winner of death. This is a hidden kriya and can only be learnt by the grace of a guru.

Yoga Mudra

YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training Course Seminyak BaliThis mudra is practiced by sitting in the Vajrasan or Padmasan. If you are PRACTICING THIS MUDRA in the vajrasana, then make a fist with your hands and place them on the side of your navel. If you do this mudra in the padmasan, your hands will be held together on your back.

Here we will discuss yoga mudra in the padmasan pose

Technique: Sit in padmasan on a blanket or something soft. Place your left foot on your right thigh and your right foot on your left thigh. Try to keep the ankles on the level.

1. Close the right side of the nose with your thumb and breathe in from the left. Holding your breath in do the Jalandhar lock.

2. Take both your hands behind your back and catch hold of the right wrist with your left hand, and bending forward from the waist, bring your forehead to the ground performing Kumbhak.

3. When you feel THE NEED TO EXHALE, raise your body up making it straight, close the left side of the nose with the thumb or ring finger and slowly breathe out from the right. Breathe out completely. After a few seconds breathe in from the right. Do the Jalandhar bandh and once again take your hands behind you, this time catch hold of the left wrist with your right hand. Bend forward bringing your forehead to the ground and hold the pose in Kumbhak. Slowly come up and breathe out from your left.

This is one round of the Yoga Mudra

IN THIS WAY, perform three such rounds to begin with and then add one more round everyday. You can practice this in the morning and evening. A dedicated yoga practitioner who is doing sadhana can practice 20 rounds, four times a day- morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Benefits: With the practice of this mudra one can be rid of all ailments of the stomach such as:




🇺🇿jaundice, etc

The lungs too, are strengthened. Long practice of this mudra purifies the nadis…

…completely creating a strong foundation for Yoga Sadhana


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