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The Importance of Class Dialogue

Dialogues are the cornerstone of a great class. A confident, clear, precise instruction provides the class with structure.

Competent yoga class dialogue provides clear yoga pose TECHNIQUES and clear posture corrections

All of which lead to better posture form and outcomes, which prevent injuries.

Without CORRECT INSTRUCTION your student is lost, and will practice incorrect form, leading to injury.

YogaFX RYT 200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training BaliUp until today, there are NO RYS 200 Yoga Teacher Training’s anywhere in the world that our team has visited, including India, Australia, China, Asia, that provides such a comprehensive yoga class dialogue training.

At YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy, we are very proud of our dialogue coaching and we are extremely happy with the results and confidence that our students achieve.🤩

At YogaFX RYT 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher training course here in Ubud Bali we understand the importance of good, clear, strong, precise Astana instruction. We will teach you a very strong hatha yoga series class dialogue.

This instructional dialogue will fill you with supreme confidence and inspiration. This in turn will connect to your students, who will become more comfortable placing their confidence and trust in you, their teacher.

We have all been in a yoga class where the teacher has a very limited instructional dialogue, endless repeating the same words, leaving you to look around a see what everyone else is doing.😵

How many times would you go back and take a class with this teacher?

We will teach you how to avoid this, how to make your class engaging, instructional, informative, educational and most importantly motivational and fun.👍

Fun for you to teach, and most enjoyable for your students.

We want your students coming back for more every day!👍

We will also support and encourage you to develop your own voice and instructional skills, so as to help you develop your own teaching personality.

Our YogaFX RYT 200 hour’s Yoga Teacher Training will result in you developing varying class deliveries and distinct teaching styles. As your yoga dialogue techniques become more define you will be teaching a 60, 90 minute yoga class effortlessly and your dialogue will actually flow as a meditative yoga mantra. Perfect !

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