With the vast number of yoga videos available on YouTube, it can be completely overwhelming to know where to start – and which will be the best fit for you.

But an easy place to begin is to search by keywords you identify with most as a yoga participant.
It can also be helpful to familiarize yourself with some yoga terms so you can know what each class is offering.

From vinyasa to Hatha to yin, there are many different styles of yoga (you can learn more about yoga styles here), and the practice of each is quite different.

That’s why it can also be helpful to do some research on some of the YouTube instructors who surfaced on your initial search, says Freeman.
Additionally, it can also be helpful to find classes where the instructors offer multiple variations for each pose so that you can find a shape that works for you, rather than forcing your body into one set kind, says Freeman.

1. Aham Yoga

The channel is for anyone interested in yoga, including those who want to follow along with a workout—whether it’s a 5-minute intro for beginners or a morning yoga flow— perfect their poses, or simply understand more about the practice of yoga. For people looking to delve a little deeper into its background, Baitmangalkar also hosts a podcast, Let’s Talk Yoga, where discusses things like the authenticity of yoga, cultural appropriation, accessibility, and yoga as self-care.

2. Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler is one of the undisputed queens of YouTube yoga in Online yoga Classes for Beginners. Quirky, down-to-earth, and very much someone that you may want to be best friends with, it’s not surprising that Mishler has a fiercely loyal following.
Another reason for her massive popularity? Mishler lives and breathes by the motto “find what feels good.” All of her videos stress the importance of doing away with comparison and finding your own unique expression of each pose.

Total newbies, or anyone who could use a refresher, can also benefit from her “Foundations of Yoga” series, which breaks down the basic alignment and benefits of tons of yoga poses.

3. Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter exudes that deep sense of peace and tranquility where you can’t help but wonder about her secret to life. The answer, it seems, is meditation—lots of it! Hunter offers several guided meditation videos in addition to her yoga classes, which lean on the relaxing-and-restorative side.

4. The Yoga Room

The studio’s owner, Zelinda Yañez, welcomes you into her Texas-based studio with tutorials and yoga flows for those seeking. Check out her 30-minute video, “Strengthening Yoga for Bigger Bodies,” and her chair yoga series.

5. Koya Webb Yoga

Not only is Koya Webb an Online Yoga Class for Beginners. And she takes a holistic approach to all of that.
She’s one of Cole’s favorites because she offers more than just yoga classes, like recipes, interviews, meditations, and workouts. “Her content is fresh and consistently updated; it’s essentially an all-encompassing wellness channel go-to,” Coles says.

6. Yoga by Candace

Her efficiency is also reflected in her homepage, which breaks down classes by every possible organizational meter: time of day, body part focus, length, etc.
“Amber’s channel is all about body-positive yoga; she offers plenty of helpful variations for larger bodies,” says Freeman. “She is also very candid about her own experience with working on body acceptance and empowerment through her yoga practice.”

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