Online training is a great option that gives the student everything they need to complete the training at a less expensive and more flexible rate.

Online Yoga Alliance Certification also gives you the freedom to utilize resources that work best for your personal practice and in most cases gives you a much greater period of time to work through all the material. in addition, You may wish to have a trial class to set your expectations right before putting your money on the table. Here we’ve given you our top picks for Online YTT.

Siddhi Yoga

Siddhi Yoga is one of the top teacher training academies in India and is a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance.

therefore, You’ll be blessed with teachings from masters who have been involved in yoga throughout their adulthood. Dr. Sumit Sharma is located in Rishikesh with a master of anatomy, asana, and alignments. He has taught thousands of students in multiple countries. Your practice will be deepened by the teaching of Shobhit Ghanshyala. However, He also teaches out of Rishikesh with mastery in asana and teaching techniques. Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey will be teaching you hatha yoga, philosophy, and meditation. He has been teaching students from all over the world at Swami Rama Sadhka Grama and holds a master’s degree in Yoga and Indian Philosophy from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. He also teaches at the world-famous International Yoga festival. However, You’re going to be getting lessons from the source of yoga with masters that understand the multi-faceted meaning of yoga.

Ayurveda Certification Course By Dr. Vikas Kumar

You’ll be able to design yoga classes that bring the wisdom of Ayurveda into it. The program is going to allow you to expand your knowledge and services as a yoga teacher beyond the mat. Topics such as the 5 elements, 3 doshas, and sub doshas, along with Ayurvedic Nutri will all be introduced. However, This can expand your abilities as a yoga teacher and allow your teachings to be more impactful for your students. This is a $197 Value.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The Restorative Online Yoga Alliance Certification is going to give you additional, specific knowledge on offering students a gentle practice. Restorative offers alternatives to the basic yoga pose, often with the use of props. However, You will learn how restorative works with the fascia in the body and how to put together poses. therefore, This is an excellent addition to your teachings. This is a $147 Value.
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1. Duration: Self-paced
2. Cost: $397 (payment plans available)
3. Refundable: Yes. Within 7 days get a 100% refund if you don’t like the course
4. Website:
5. Yoga technique: Vinyasa Yoga + Hatha Yoga + Karma Yoga + Bhakti Yoga + Mantra Yoga + Raja Yoga

My Vinyasa Practice

When looking for a great alternative to in-person yoga training, the online Yoga Alliance Certification by My Vinyasa Practice stands out near the top of our list. However, This course ensures the integrity of training you would get from an in-person course is maintained. Also, you’ll still receive and walk through materials giving you a broad depth of learning, and just as important it will be as close to personal experience as possible.

In other words, Covered in this course are a variety of topics and resources intentionally included to ensure you’re confident from day one in leading your first flow! These topics and resources include but are not limited to:
1. 200 Hour YTT Manual
2. E-copy of Light on Yoga
3. E-copy of The Yoga Sutras
4. Pre-recorded lectures & written content
5. Access to content for life
6. Recorded practices with Michelle
7. Direct feedback from your mentor
in conclusion, The tuition price includes the above-listed materials as well as so much more, all hand-selected by the course founder Michelle Young.
1. Duration: Completely Self-Paced
2. Cost: $375 (50% off) when paid in full. $750 with installment payments
3. Refundable: Yes. Within 7 days get a 100% refund if you don’t like the course
4. Website:
5. Yoga technique: Vinyasa

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