To help you on your way to learning advanced yoga techniques and concepts, we have scoured the internet for the best 300-hour yoga teacher training online classes.

We’ve looked at online classes and in-person classes. 300-hour yoga teacher training online classes focus on a wide range of yoga niches. However, We looked at one that focuses on ancient yoga philosophies such as chakras and also looked at one that gives its students a strong education in starting and maintaining your yoga business.

We’ve looked at the 5 best 300-hour yoga teacher training online and here they are:
1. Brett Larkin Yoga
2. My Vinyasa Practice
3. Yoga Farm Ithaca
4. The Kaivalya Yoga Method
5. YogaFit

1. Brett Larkin Yoga

yoga teacher online

Brett Larkin’s 300-hour yoga teacher training online will give yoga teachers an even stronger background in yoga than what they received from their 200-hour yoga teacher training. And the 300-hour teacher training is mixed with the tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry.
After completing the course, you’ll be able to register with Yoga Alliance to become a certified 500-hour yoga teacher. After that, You’ll come away from the program with a variety of skillsets. You’ll gain the:
1. Knowledge to choose a business model for your yoga business
2. Entrepreneurial skills and mindset to charge your clients more, allowing you to make a great living
3. Already-made lesson plans and class organization so that you can begin teaching online and in-person as soon as possible
4. And after that, lastly, you’ll gain the know-how to meet your lifestyle and revenue goals and will be well on your way to becoming a successful yoga teacher.

2. My Vinyasa Practice

vinyasa practiceMy Vinyasa Practice’s 300-hour yoga teacher training online can be finished in as little as eight weeks. For instance, It’s completely online; when students successfully finish the program, they can certify with Yoga Alliance and begin teaching at the 500-hour level.

3. Yoga Farm Ithaca

yoga farm

This ‘Spiritual Warrior 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training online is based on Yoga Farm Ithaca’s traditional in-person training and they’ve finally mastered the digital delivery to provide for a completely Online 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training online program.
therefore, Each of the teacher training has varying start dates so be sure to check out for when their next course begins. Again, in other words, this program will be online in its entirety and will be facilitated through live zoom classrooms. For instance, There will also be designated readings and study materials from videos, books, and other resources. In addition, each of these allows for a self-paced study and best of all, community engagement!

4. The Kaivalya Yoga Method

yoga method

The Kaivalya Yoga Methods 300-hour yoga teacher training program. (check the site for any recent changes to the prices as they may vary over time).

The program’s modules include:
1. Art of Adjustments
2. Philosophy and History Theming
3. Meditation, Myths, Mantras
4. Final Teaching Culmination which includes an ethics agreement
What you’ll get when enrolling in the program:
5. In-depth video lectures
6. Interaction with mentors
7. Lifetime training module access
8. Private Facebook group
9. Personalized feedback when submitting tests and videos
10. Lifetime certification through The Kaivalya Yoga Method; you’ll also be able to certify with the Yoga Alliance

5. YogaFit

yoga fit

YogaFit trains yoga teachers at various locations throughout the U.S; though with currents events the way they are, I don’t think it would hurt to contact them to see if they are planning to switch over to online training. In other words, Their 300-hour yoga teacher training is priced based on which classes you take and where you take them. In other words, If you took your 200-hour certification from another school, you’ll have to take YogaFit’s Level One: Foundations and Anatomy and Alignment I before you can take the 300-hour program.

The program includes:
1. Learning to recognize structural misalignment
2. The ancient therapeutic practices of classic yoga. You also learn the scientific research behind those practices
3. Studying breath awareness techniques
4. Also, The processes to teach restorative yoga and the use of props
5. Studying anatomy and alignment
6. Ayurveda

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