The Truth About Yoga and Health Issues

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Except For Few Diseases, All Health Problems Can Be Cured or Prevented Through Yogasans!

One can easily lead a very healthy, happy, peaceful life, free from sickness and ill-health. Here are various ailments and the curative yoga asanas that can improve your health!

PLEASE BE ADVISED that while one is practicing the asanas, not to stop taking the medication as advised by the doctor; although if one does the practice correctly and regularly they will have no need for medicines. And so, instead of stopping the medication, it’s better to let go gradually as you see your health getting better.?

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Symptoms: Hernia is of many types. Swelling can take place from the lower abdominal area, this is called the inguinal area. Other kinds of hernia are incision hernia, femoral hernia, these can get aggravated during a cough but can subside again. Sometimes the pain can increase in them.

Yogic Treatment: Paschimottanasana, Janusirasan, Yoga mudra, Anulom vilom, Uddhiyaan bandh, You can also practice Prithvi mudra and varun Mudra.

Precautions: Don’t carry heavy weight, cycling, kick-starting a bike, etc. should be avoided, and don’t practice any of the back-bending asanas.


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Symptoms: Pain in the throat, sneezing, blocked nose, red eyes, etc are the usual symptoms.?

Yogic Treatment: To build up heat in the body, practice Surya Namaskar, amongst the cleansing kriyas – kapalabhati, jal neti, vaman and Surya bhedan pranayam, surya mudra, etc are all useful.

Precautions: Avoid cold things such as rice, banana, milk, yogurt, cashew nuts.


Symptoms: None or very slight movement in the bowels, heaviness in the lower abdominal area, depression of mind, laziness, and no wish to do any work, etc are the usual symptoms of one suffering from constipation.

YogaFX Hatha Yoga RYS 200 Hour Teacher Training School Ubud BaliYogic Treatment: Tadasan, Udrakshasan, Kati Chakrasan, Surya Namaskar, Bhujangasan, Konasan, and all the twisting asanas, Nadi Shodan, Mahabandh, Ashwini Mudra, and amongst the cleaning kriyas Nauli and Agnisaar should be practiced.

Precautions: Drink a lot of water.?


Symptoms: Inability to sleep, loss of appetite, no interest in work or any other activity such as reading, watching television, sadness, melancholy are the usual signs of depression. 

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Yogic Treatment: Surya Namaskar is a very useful practice for those suffering from depression. Chakrasan, Setubandhasan, Pavanmuktasan, and Shavasan. Alongside practice Anulom Vilom, Bhramri, Kapalabhati, and also the kriyas – Vaman Kriya and Jal Neti.


Symptoms: Frequent need to urinate, weakness, tiredness and fatigue, excess of hunger and thirst, aches in the body. Diabetes occurs when there is low insulin in the body, some of the factors are:

✅When the pancreas does not produce insulin.

✅Insulin produced is not able to be absorbed by the body.

✅Sometimes, diabetes can occur in expecting mothers – this is because the body is not able to produce enough insulin.

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Yogic Treatment: Paschimottansan, Tadasan, Vakrasan, Surya Namaskas Yoga Mudra, Vajrasan, Sarvangasan, Matsyasan, Halasan and in pranayam, Anulomlom, Nadi Shodan, Plus Vaman and Neti kriyas.


Symptoms: Frequent loose motions. In case of a feeling of extreme tiredness and loss of weight, excessive thirst, drinking glucose or lemon water with salt and sugar added is very helpful. It is also important to consult a doctor and then do yoga.

Please note that in cases of diarrhea, heart problems, or any chronic disease…

it is advisable to consult a doctor first rather than doing one’s own treatment with yoga

Yogic Treatment: Prepare a khichari just like when doing the Shankh Prashasalan kriya, and consume only this. There will be immediate relief.


Heart problems can be of many kinds for example heart failure, heart attack valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease, etc.

YogaFX Hatha Yoga RYS 200 Hour Teacher Training School Ubud BaliCauses: High blood pressure, problems in the heart valve, disease of the lungs, excessive alcohol or drug intake, kidney problems.

Yogi Treatment: Every morning and evening, practice Bhraman, Surya Namaskar, Siddhasan, and Yoga Nidra. In Pranayam practice Anulom Worn, Nadi Shodan, Chandra Bhedan, Ujjayee but refrain from Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, and Surya Bhedan. The three bandhas are good to practice but the Hridya Mudra has more benefits.

Precautions: Always keep the prescribed medicine by the doctor close to you. Weigh yourself every day and keep a record and if the weight increases to 54 or 1 kg in a day, inform your doctor. Avoid alcohol and regularly practice yoga. 

If swelling occurs in the feet place them on a pillow when going to sleep


Symptoms: Any Illness stays for a long time. Fever, headaches, weakness, tiredness, loose motions, loss of weight, dry cough, diarrhea for more than a week, etc. A combination of these is some of the usual symptoms of HIV+.

Depressive state of mind very low energy are also some of the signs of the HIV+

YogicTreatment: Sarvangasan, Halasan, Matsyasan, Setubhandhasan, Chakrasan, Vajrasan and the Pranayarns to be practiced are Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodan, Bhramari, Bhastiika, in the cleansing kriyas Shank Prasha, Wn and Amroli are very beneficial.


YogaFX RYT 200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training BaliSymptoms: Belching, sourness, flatulence, inability to digest food is taken, excessive wind in the stomach, burning felt in the lungs and heart area, pain in the chest and stomach, changes in breathing rate, and pain In the ear are some of the symptoms of acidity.?

Yogic Treatment: Uddhiyaan Bandh, Vajrasan, Ushtasan, Pavan Muktasan, Agnisaar kriya, Vaman kriya, Brahmamudra and Yoga Mudra, are all good for curing acidity.

Precautions: Drink a glass of water right after waking up in the morning, and the acidity level gets controlled. Eating tulsi (Holy basil) leaves is also very beneficial, as is taking amla (gooseberry) Powder • this calms down the acidic level.


YogaFX Ashtanga RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Seminyak BaliSymptoms: Low hemoglobin count in the blood, paleness, thinness, tiredness, pain in the chest, strain while breathing, pain in the stomach, loss of weight, etc.

Yogic Treatment: Paschimottansana, Sarvangasan, Matsyasan, Halasan, Surya Namaskar, and in pranayam Nadi Shodan, Anulom Vilom, Chandra bhedan, and Ujjayee are useful. In kriyas, Neti and Kapalbhati are very beneficial.


Symptoms: Remaining stressed and worried, trembling of the body, suspicious attitude, thinking for a long time on small incidents, excessive sweating, dry mouth, difficulty in breathing.

Yogic Treatment: Uttan Padasan (first with one foot each and then with both the feet), Bhujangasan, Yoga Mudra, Vakrasan, Ardhamatsyendrasan, Surya Namaskar, Yoga Nidra (Shavasan) and in the Pranayam: Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodan, Bhastrika, Bhramari are all very good. In the cleansing Kriyas, Vaman Kriya, Neti and Tratak are very helpful.


Symptoms: Any kind of a pain in the joints of the body are considered as symptoms of Arthritis. Arthritis is of two kinds:

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1. Os-ten Arthritis – Takes place more in the elderly

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis – Can affect any age group

3. Gout Arthritis – Affects mainly the youth.

Yogic Treatment: Yogi Suksham exercises are very good for those suffering from arthritis. Yoga Nidra is also useful. Amongst the pranayam – Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodan, Bhramari, Ujjayee are all beneficial and in the cleansing kriyas- Kapalabhati, Vaman Kriya and Neti are very good.


Symptoms: Difficulty in breathing, narrowing or tightening of the air passage in the lungs, regular colds and coughs, quickened breathing, allergies, and a running nose are some of the signs of Asthma.

Yogic Treatment: Gaumukhasan, Uttan Mandukasan, Parvatasan, Surya Namaskar, Sarvangasan, Mararasan, Ushtrasan, Setubhandasan, Vradh padmasan, and Shavasan should all be practiced. Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodan are beneficial pranayams and from the cleansing kriyas – Kapalabhati, Neti, Vastradhauti, and Vaman Dhauti are very useful.

Precautions: One should avoid rice and non-vegetarian food. Vegetarian food is good but one should also refrain from dairy products such as milk, cheese and paneer.


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Yogic Treatment: Bhujangasan- A, B, C, D including all the back bending asanas are very good for those suffering from back pain, but forward bending asanas should be avoided. In Pranayam – Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodan, Ujjayee, Bhramari should be practiced. Vaman Kriya is also very good.


This is a disease of the modern lifestyle. It is also called Hyper Tension.

Symptoms: Overweight, heaviness in the head, rapid and shallow breathing, extreme tiredness, loss of sleep, quickened pulse rate, tightness in the chest, redness in the face and ears, are some of the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Yogic Treatment: Vajrasan, Gaumukhasan, Padmasan, Vakrasan, Ardhashalabhasan, Makrasan, Pavan Muktasan, Ardha Matsyendrasan, Vrikshasan and Tadasan. Amongst the pranayam – Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodan, Chandrabhedan, Shitali, Ujjayee, Bhramari, meditation, and Byaan Mudra is good practices for keeping this ailment away.

Taking a spine bath with fresh water and mud bath are also very helpful


This is the opposite of Hyper Tension and is also called Hypo Tension.

Symptoms: Irregular heartbeat, quickened breathing, pain in the chest, low blood volume, etc are some of the usual symptoms.

YogaFX Hatha Yoga RYS 200 Hour Teacher Training School Ubud BaliYogic Treatment: Surya Namaskar, Matsyasan, Ushtrasan, Chakrasan are helpful for those suffering from low blood pressure. The pranayams to be practiced are Suryabhedan, Nadi Shodan, Bhastrika, and Kapalbhati, but one must rest in Shavasan afterward. Mulabandh, Jalandhar Bandh, and Uddhiyaan Bandh are considered good. A drink prepared by boiling the bark of the Arjuna is considered very good.


Symptoms: A heavy cough due to infection in the lungs is a symptom of Bronchitis.

Yogic Treatment: Asthma and bronchitis are similar and so one can follow the same exercises. Vayu Mudra is also very good.


Any part of the body can become cancerous and be struck with the deadly disease. Cancer of the lungs induces harsh coughing with blood in the phlegm.

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Breast Cancer makes the tissues swell and there is also pain

Cancer can strike anywhere; one should immediately consult a doctor and take the prescribed medicine as advised.

Yogic Treatment: Surya Namaskar is extremely beneficial for cancer patients, so are the pranayams – Nadi Shodan, Anulom Vilom, Bhramari, and Ujjayee. The practice of these will bring a lot of relief. Amroli Mudra is extremely useful.


YogaFX Seminyak RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course BaliFor those who are frequently troubled by worrisome thoughts and nervousness, the practice of Surya Namaskar is extremely useful. With this also make a practice of Sarvangasan, Halasan, Matsyasan, Setubhandasan, Yoga Mudra, Chakrasan, Vakrasan, to get rid of a worrying habit. The pranayams one can practice are Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodan, Ujjaayee, and from the cleansing kriyas Kapalabhati, and the three bandhas are very good practice.


TOO MUCH INTAKE OF FAST FOOD processed and imbalanced food, rich and oily food, as well as eating too much and lack of exercise are all reasons for the body to head towards obesity, which actually becomes the medium of a host of ILLNESS AND DISEASES.

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Yogic Treatment: Surya Namaskar, Yoga Mudra, Ushtrasan, Ardha Halasan, Pavan Muktasan, leg raises and rotation of the legs – first to one side and then the other, all help to reduce unwanted weight.

Amongst pranayam leaving aside Shitali and Chandra Bhedan, all the other pranayams can be practiced for safe weight loss. From the cleansing kriyas • Kapalabhati, Neti, and Vaman Ibiya, and the three locks will also give very good results.

The combination will not only help one to lose weight but alongside they will also close the door to all the host of illnesses that which to come and stay as a guest in the body.?


Symptoms: The symptoms of piles are not the same for everyone. Still, if we were to look at a common sign it would be the passing of blood In the feces and burning etc.

Piles are of two types or the infection is of two kinds

YogaFX Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Ubud Seminyak Bali One Is Internal and the other is external. In the internal pile, the pus infection or pus remains inside, and in the external piles the pus or infection blisters outside.

Causes: Let us discuss some of the reasons that can cause piles. Obesity, always remaining in tension, no practice of yoga, eating as much as one desires, too much oily and spicy food, regular constipation, all these are reasons that can cause piles. And so, if the cause can be removed, the effect, too, shall erase.

Yoga Treatment: Sarvangasan, Matsvasan Shrirshasan, Hand Stand,  Chakrasan Uttanasar, Tadasan, Surya Namaskar, Padhastasart Bhugartlasan. Suptavapasan, Ashwini Mudra and Mulshodan from the cleansing kriyas.

Precautions: Eat only light food that is easily digestible and include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink a lot of water. Juices and herbal teas are also very good. but one who is suffering from piles must refrain completely from heavy and nonvegetarian food.?


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Yogic Treatment: Surya Namaskar. Padangushthanasan, Garudasan, Kandhrasan, Ardharnatsyendrasan, Matryasan, Tolungasan, Trikonasan, Tadasan, bhujangasan. Majrari Asan, Setubandhasan. Ushtrasan. Yoga Mud. For men – Mayurasan and Brahmachaaryasan are useful Pranayam Anulom Vilom NadiShodan, Ujjayee. Shramari Mudra, Ashwini Mudra including the three locks and Agnisaar should also be practiced.


Symptoms: Swellings in either of the testis or both.

YogicTreatment: From the asanas, Vajrasan is very useful for this ailment, and also Surya Namaskar, Vatayanasan, and garudasan. Also, practice Ashwini Mudra and Mulabandha regularly. One will feel the effect very soon.


insomniaSymptoms: Inability to sleep in the night can be due to tension or depression. One can spend the whole night trying to sleep but is unable to do so and the inability to go back to sleep if awoken. Waking up before morning and also feeling very tired and exhausted after waking up. All these are signs of insomnia.

Causes: High blood pressure, regularly feeling hungry and also eating too much, excess of tea or coffee can also result in insomnia.

Yogic Treatment: Among asanas, Yoga Mudra, and Shashankhasan, plus one should try and relax in Shavasan in bed before going off to sleep.

Pranayam: Bhramari, Ujjayee, Anulom Worn, and from the Shatkarma kriyas Tratak and Kapalabhati is useful for insomniacs.

Laziness, or rather, lack of exercise is the prime reason for insomnia…

…or the inability to sleep. if one were to practice yoga or some form of exercise twice a day, one would be free of any ailments related to insomnia. Reading a book for 5 to 10 minutes, or meditating for a few minutes before going to sleep will make the mind very centered and calm and the Goddess of Sleep will come quickly and take you in her cover of rest and sleep.


Symptoms: Irregular and painful periods, periods that don’t come on time or before time. The result of which is a feeling of irritation, headaches, and one can also suffer from either constipation or diarrhea, etc. Avoid cold food like rice, yogurt, banana, cold water, and a cold drink.


Yogic Treatment: Padmasan, Gaumukhasan, Paschimottanasan, Vadhakonasan, Janushirasan. all can be practiced. Anulom Worn, Nadi Shodan, Bhramari, Ullayee are useful pranayam practices.

Mudra: Ashwini Mudra

Precautions: Shirshasan or Head Stand, Sarvangasan, Vipareetakarani, Uddhiyaan Bandh, Agnisaar, and Nauli must not be performed during menstruation. Food should also be light, nutritious, and easily digestible.



Symptoms: Anxiety, worry, inability to sleep, trembling of hands, anger, irritation, increase in blood pressure, pain in the stomach, constipation, flatulence, diarrhea, etc.?

Yogic Treatment: The same as those mentioned for anxiety.


Symptoms: Swelling or itching in the throat, lumps in the throat accompanied by headache, fever, ear pain, back pain plus loss of taste. Sometimes when talking too much the voice becomes hoarse or difficult in speaking. These are the various signs of throat problems.

In such a case, boil tea leaves, mix with salt and gargle with it a few times.

One will find immediate relief

Yogic Treatment: Jalandhar Bandh, Jihvabandh, and in the asanas – matsyasan, Setubandhasan, sarvangasan, halasan, pavanmuktasan. In pranayam – Surya Bhedan, Ujjaayee, and Bhramri, including the cleansing kriyas Neti and Vaman Kriya, all are very good for problems related to the throat.


ulcersUlcers usually occur either in the stomach, duodenum and can also occur in the form of painful gas. Most people usually suffer from stomach or Peptic Ulcers.

Symptoms: Burning in the chest and heart area, inability to digest. Pain in the upper part of the stomach, loss of appetite, weight loss. Sometimes the stool is black.

Yogic Treatment: For both Peptic and Duodenum, practice Pavan Muktasan, Vajrasan, and yogic Suksham exercises, as well as in pranayam – Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodan, Ujjayee, Bhramari, etc are useful pranayams to practice. Also always drink a lot of water, and eating bananas is good. Cold milk and juice bring a lot of relief. Avoid acidic food items.


tyroidThere are usually two types of Thyroid disorders – Hypo Thyroid and Hyper Thyroid. When the hormone level increases it becomes Hyper Thyroid and when it decreases it causes Hypo Thyroid.

Symptoms: Always feeling depressed, heavy and lethargy, weight gain or weight loss, etc are the usual symptoms.?

Yogic Treatment: For both kinds of thyroid disorders, Sarvangasan works like the arrow of Shri Ramji Bhagvan. It is said that not one arrow of Shri Ramji Bhagavan was wasted, it always hits its mark, that is why people ‘call’ ‘sure’ cures’ as ‘Ramban’. And thus, Sarvangasan is like Rambhan for people with thyroid disorders.

With this, also the practice of Surya Namaskar, Halasan, Setubandhasan, Matsyasan, Ushtrasan, Yoga Mudra are useful. In Pranayam practice, Ujjayee and Bhramari, Jihvabandh and Jalandhar Bandh, Vaman Kriya and Neti from the cleansing kriyas.



A lot of people suffer from migraines. Doctors have tried all the cures known to them to alleviate this problem. Still, the problem of migraine seems to linger with more and more people being affected by it. But with the easy and simple practice of the yogic kriya Neti, one can easily get relief from migraines.

Now you can easily understand that if with a simple practice of Neti, one can be rid of ailing problems like migraine, then you can estimate the wider utility of yoga in curing bigger problems of mankind.

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The Only Important Thing is That One Accepts Yoga With an Open Mind.