Benefits of Yoga For Spirituality

pose YogaFX Buddha Statue
YogaFX Buddha Statue

Find Inner Peace, With a YogaFX Yoga Class Right Here in Canggu Bali.

It is well known that yoga cleanses the body of stress, quells negative impressions and calms the mind — all by bringing it into the present moment.

But at the heart of it all is spirituality

Making you strong and alert, spirituality tames an agitated mind, by stopping thoughts jumping between past and present, anger and confusion. Once you have accomplished the ABILITY AND SELF AWARE to be in the moment, the flexibility, focus and balance you experience on the mat can flow into your everyday life outside the Canggu yoga studio.🧘‍♀️

What is spirituality?

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Spirituality is the relationship that we have with all that is beyond us — where we have come from (birth) and where we will go (death). From a Yogic perspective, spirituality is experienced by developing our self-awareness, and by taking a personal inner journey it can give us a greater connection and understanding in our everyday lives, as well as give it depth and meaning.

Essentially it’s a process of self-awareness self-discovery and self-REALIZATION…

...achieved through yoga and meditation.

As spiritual Leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said,Spirituality is not just some mumbo jumbo, sitting somewhere and doing something. It is revisiting the truth about ourselves…”

Right, but seriously, what can spirituality do for me in today’s world?

Spirituality can benefit a modern life immensely! By allowing you to live in the moment, you gain inner strength, enabling you to better manage difficult situations by being a more responsible, caring and sharing human being… someone who is capable of smiling at any situation.🙂

Even if you don’t embark on a complete journey of self-discovery, just some simple yoga and meditation exercises can calm and focus the mind, provide better concentration and productivity, allow you to detach yourself from the little things, as well as having a BETTER KNOWLEDGE of your inner self. With the chance to try a class for free, YogaFX is the perfect place to start your journey, just CLAIM a free pass here.

All this in one hour❓

YogaFX yoga classes are built for beginner’s right through to advanced practitioners, so you can experience as little or as much of the spirituality journey as you choose.

Your instructor is there to guide you along whatever path you wish to take with our classes — whether that is simply to relax, to exercise, or to embark on a deep session of self-discovery.

Conveniently based in Canggu Bali, simply pop come in and find out more for yourself.👍


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