Becoming a registered yoga teacher requires a substantial commitment of time and personal resources, as well as being active in the yoga community.

Whether the objective is to teach yoga as a full-time profession, start an in-person or online yoga school, or simply to achieve a deeper understanding of yoga, these six online yoga teacher training programs are the best ways to either start your journey or add on after your 200-hour yoga teacher training and take your insights and career to the next level!

What is the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

As humans, we are hardwired to focus more on negative experiences. In countless cases, people in therapy are unaware of the elements that play a crucial role in making their life happier. Most mental health care professionals conclude that this incongruity is because of perception. An individual fails to identify their emotions during an experience. However, they successfully recognize and identify all such emotions when they recall these experiences later.
The approach attempts to attain a balanced perspective, so an individual’s focus shifts from negativity to positivity.
Positive psychology is majorly responsible for developing several key concepts that are highly therapeutic for individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. Few scientific studies reveal that a lack of positivity leads to a depressed mood. But, that’s not the sole reason for developing depression.
Positive psychology not only targets negative symptoms but also boosts our strengths and enhances positive emotions.

it benefits individuals who want to develop in these areas.

This is how psychology works within a disease model. Seligman also highlights other important accomplishments of the disease model, such as treating anxiety attacks, depression, and other previously incurable mental disorders.

1. Uplifted by Brett Larkin Yoga – 500 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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Brett Larkin Yoga offers the Uplifted yoga teacher training program and as a part of that, the 500 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training. Ms. Larkin is not only the lead instructor and school operator, but she is also a very successful entrepreneur with a strong background in eCommerce and navigating companies through the digital space. Her ballet and dance background provides a strong foundation upon which she has layered her intensive yoga training.
One of the unique facets of the Uplifted online yoga teacher training program is the emphasis it places on the business aspect of teaching yoga. In addition to the comprehensive curriculum that provides world-class and well-rounded yoga studios and yoga teacher training, Brett Larkin’s Uplifted program takes it one step further by preparing her students to take their talents and monetize them successfully.

2. My Vinyasa Practice – 500 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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Another excellent choice is the 500 Hour Online Course offered by My Vinyasa Practice. Michelle Young has practiced yoga for over 15 years. She has E-RYT 500 certification from Yoga Alliance, along with C-IAYT Yoga Therapist certification with a specialization in eating recovery and cardiac rehabilitation. Aside from her work at Seaton Hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation unit, Ms. Young is just about to open the doors to her first yoga studio in Texas.

Positive psychology is important because it allows a person to become optimistic

Program Highlights
This online yoga teacher training program is ideal for aspiring yogis who may not have the time or the resources to enroll in a full-time yoga school or need to juggle job or family obligations around their pursuit of becoming a yoga teacher. It is also an excellent choice for budget-conscious students who cannot afford more expensive courses.
With a learn-at-your-own-pace approach, My Vinyasa Practice’s online program features a wealth of digital resources, including pre-recorded videos that can be viewed on-demand, e-books, and podcasts. While the subject matter itself is as rigorous and intensive as any of the 500 hours of online yoga teacher training programs appearing on this list, Michelle Young’s approach offers the most flexibility, particularly with its lifetime access to materials.

3. The Kaivalya Yoga Method – 500 Hour Online Yoga Instructor Certification

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Nicknamed the “Yoga Doctor,” Alanna Kaivalya holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has also authored three books relating to the history of yoga poses, an in-depth study of yoga chants, and yoga spirituality. One of her underlying philosophies is viewing yoga as a healing and enlightening tool and with all her expertise she’s created a very thorough and accessible 500-hour yoga teacher training course.
Program Highlights
The Kaivalya Yoga Method 500 hour online yoga teacher training offers the same degree of flexibility as the other programs. However, the paid tuition requires completion of the modules within one year of enrollment. The 500-hour registered yoga teacher program consists of seven modules, each providing in-depth education and training in different fields of study.

This program places a strong emphasis on direct interaction between student and instructor

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