Whether you’re stuck inside or working from home doing something vitally important to keep our city going, yoga could be the answer.

The focus on breathing, the concentration required to find balance in certain poses, the flow of the movements – it’s all an active meditation that can help clear the mind, quieten anxieties, and strengthen your body.

Digme at Home

yoga at home

With its swanky studios close by across London, Digme is posting the schedule to its virtual workouts on social media channels. You then have to sign up for its streaming service to gain access or you can stick to on-demand classes for £9.99 per month, or pay £6 per live class on a pay-as-you-go basis. Once you’re set up, move all lamps away from the vicinity and get ready for that reverse warrior pose.

Down to Earth

This beautifully designed compact studio in Tufnell Park is great if you prefer small class sizes. Get to know its teachers via pre-recorded full-length classes on the website. The yoga studio’s live online class will be available on-demand on a pay-per-view basis with members getting access to the full range of videos. Too uncoordinated to follow the poses? Just smash that pause button.

One Yoga London

yoga london

Missing your regular class? The yoga studio’s live online class at One Yoga London is going virtual for the foreseeable, with yoga flow and pilates sculpt classes being beamed from the studio straight into your living room. Livestream those calming vibes, complete with a soothing soundtrack and end of class guided Shavasana to quarantine any anxious thoughts.

Supply Yoga

An affordable community studio in Clapton, Supply is a social enterprise that funds yoga classes for service users across London. While the studio’s doors are closed, their whole schedule of classes will be added to the on-demand archive or streamed on YouTube Live, with a unique link sent out to bookers 15 minutes ahead of each class.

Paper Dress Yoga

paper dress yoga

This retro set up on Hackney’s Mare Street shares its nice spacious studio with a vintage shop. Instructor Hannah Turner Voakes has been filming weekly home practice tips for their blog, and if you like what you see you can join one of the vinyasas, ashtanga, yin, and flow classes starting from £4 and running throughout the week via Zoom. (As if enough of your life wasn’t already being conduct over the Zoom app?)

Yoga Loft

Variety is the spice of life at Yoga Loft, the Queen’s Park studio ordinarily offering a choice of Hatha, Ashtanga, vinyasa, and Iyengar, as well as beginners’ courses. During Lockdown 2, you can stream from the studio or teachers’ own homes for £8 per class.

Yoga on the Lane

bikram yogafx

While you might not be packing the underfloor heating this Dalston studio is known for, the welcome is still very warm from Yoga on Lane’s friendly instructors. This studio specializes in dynamic vinyasa yoga, a good entry point for any lockdown newbies to yoga.

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