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If you’re a yoga instructor, then you may be considering the best way to help spread the word on the form

WHETHER you are teaching live yoga classes or working as a personal yoga instructor, or you write a book or create a series of DVDs, you’re going to run up against a different set of obstacles and challenges.

It comes down to a few basic factors

You’re looking for an outlet that fits into your overall plan, that fits your idea for what your brand is, that suits your strengths, that appeals to your ideal customer, and that will help you towards your long term goals.

A book or a DVD or a class, they’re all just different means of allowing you to reach the same end.

The first and most important question is: who buys books?

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It’s no secret that book sales are on the decline, but eBook sales are actually taking up the slack where printed matter is on the decline.

So whatever you might think, putting time and energy into writing a book is not actually a waste of time.

The typical yoga book buyer is generally going to be somebody who just doesn’t have time or money to attend a class and would like to study at their own pace rather than use a DVD.

A DVD buyer looks a lot like a book shopper, they may lack the time or money to attend a class, but they may be more of a visual learner.

Finally, somebody who attends a class is likely a very social learner

They may have a little more money and time than the book or DVD buyer, or they may simply prefer an in-person experience. Next, you’ll want to consider the disadvantages.

Running a live yoga class comes with a lot of disadvantages

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If you’re renting your own studio, then you need to make sure that your business picks up immediately if you want to keep the lights on.

Then there are insurance concerns, and of course, your city might already be crowded with yoga instructors.

Providing personal instruction can help you to overcome some of these problems. ?

Writing a book or selling a DVD, you have little to no overhead, especially if you go with digital distribution. However, Amazon turns up close to 5,000 results for yoga DVDs, and about the same for books.

In all three of these cases, the solution is to appeal to a niche

Consider Diamond Dallas Page. Pro wrestler and yoga instructor. He has written a book of his own, Yoga for Regular Guys, and contributed to Real Men Do Yoga, helping to dispel stereotypes regarding the form and show that it can be just as helpful for weight lifters as it is for marathon runners.

Finally, what are your strengths? ?

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If you can’t write well enough, can you work with a ghostwriter who can put your notes and ideas into the form of a cohesive book? Can you act naturally in front of the camera, or will you feel too silly giving instructions to nobody in particular? Are you business-savvy enough to run a live yoga class, or are you enough of a people person to make house calls and give private lessons?

Sometimes it makes more sense to go outside of your comfort zone, to go ahead and write that book even though you’ve never been so comfortable behind the keyboard, or make that house call even though you can be a little shy.

Ultimately, there’s no one right choice, and the most successful yoga instructors do a mix of all three.

Start where you’re comfortable, and explore your options from there. ?

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