Yogic Exercises and Benefits For Every Human Being

yogic exercises

Every human being goes through the stages of childhood, youth, and old age.

When we are children, our body is influenced by the Kapha factor, when we are in OUR YOUTH, the BODY is influenced by the pitta factor, and when we enter OLD AGE our body is influenced by the Vata factor.

The three doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha…

…are present in all human beings in a balanced manner. But as time goes on, an imbalance gets created in them. When the tridoshas get imbalanced the body becomes a host of different kinds of illnesses. For example, an imbalance in the Kapha factor contributes to weight gain, colds, coughs, mental problems, etc.

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Anger, irritation, tension, etc are the result of pitta imbalance and when a man has to face a Vata imbalance, then joint pains, backaches, knee and shoulder pain, etc occurs.

Normally vata imbalance is found more in the aged persons

Here I present Yogic Suksham exercises for different ailments, and also relief from Vata related problems such as joint pains, and also tips for expecting mothers.

For Yogic Suksham exercises,

First, sit in Dandasan keeping the back straight and legs and feet together.

Toes: Starting with the feet, open and bend the toes ten times.

The top of the feet: To keep the feet flexible and also for any pain or stiffness related to the feet, flex, and point them ten times.

Ankles: To keep the ankles strong, and to avoid hardness of the bones in this joint, rotate the ankles. Rotate both sides – clockwise and anti-clockwise, ten times each side.

Knees: After the ankles, bend one leg and interlocking your fingers, place them under your thighs, and rotate the knees first towards the left and then towards the right, ten times each side. Now bring the leg down and keep it straight, and repeat the same with the other leg – rotate the knee first towards one side and then the other side ten times each.

This exercise is also very good for pain in the knee

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Thighs and thigh joints: To remove excess fat from the thighs and to relieve pains in the thigh joint area, do the butterfly. Bring the soles of the feet together and pull them as close to the hips as possible, fingers interlocked around the toes. Now do the butterfly 10 times up and 10 times down. Relax for 30 seconds and do the exercise again. Repeat three times.

Back: For the back, spread your legs to a distance of 2 to 3 feet and now crossing, try and touch the left foot with your right hand and right foot with your left hand alternating 10 times each side. After this, we do the Chakki Chalan exercise.

Chakki Chalan: For Chakki Chalan, the same distance is maintained between the legs, and placing your fingers on your back, rotate the hips first to the front, left, back, and right. Do it 10 times and now repeat from the other side.

This gives relief from stiff backs and also reduces excess fat from the waist

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But take care that if suffering from back pain to avoid both the exercises. If one suffers from back pain, to put less strain on the back sit cross-legged or in any easy pose.

Now, place your left hand on your back, and with your right-hand press the left knee, and twist to your left. In this way, repeat on the other side.

This removes back pains and also makes the spine flexible. The result is that the whole body remains healthy.

Hands and wrists: After the back and spinal exercises, stretch your arms in front and keep them level, spread your fingers wide and now make a tight fist as if you are holding something very tightly.

Now rotate the wrists first to the left side and then to the right, 10 times
each side. This keeps the wrists strong and flexible.

Elbows: Stretching your arms in front, bend the elbows and bring your hands to your shoulders. In this way stretching your arms and closing them, repeat 10 times with palms touching the shoulders. You can also bring the palms down to the ground. This exercises the elbows completely.

Shoulders: Bending the elbows at the sides, bring the fingers to the shoulders. Now rotate the shoulders forward and back, 10 times each side.

yogic exercises

This removes tension and pain from the shoulders and is also very good for the heart

Neck: To keep the neck healthy, strong, and tension-free, first rotate the neck to the right and look over your shoulder, then rotate to the left and look over your shoulder.

Do this 3 times each, and then keeping the neck level, lift the head and bring the chin down 3 times each.

Please take care that if there is neck pain, do not bring the neck down. Pain in the neck area increases when you stretch it forward. Lastly, rotate the neck clockwise and anti-clockwise, 3 times each.

Eyes: yogic exercisesTo remove weakness from the eyes, to keep them strong and healthy, to improve
eyesight and also to keep them free from disease, I present to you a very simple and useful exercise. Take a pencil and hold it at eye level a few inches away.

Keep your eyes focused on the tip of the pencil. Now keep your eyes on the pencil and slowly move it forwards and back, bringing it close to your eyes and away. Then take it to the left and right, up and down.

Benefit: Good for the eyes and also for the focus of mind, a very useful exercise. Doing this exercise every day will increase the power of the eyes.

Removes tiredness laziness and tandra

Children and old people can do these Yogic Suksham exercises.

These are very simple and easy exercises that can be practiced by everyone, and the result is fantastic.

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