Bali vs India RYS Course Price Comparisons The Shocking Truth!

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Are You Interested In a RYT 200 Hours Course Price Comparisons Between The Two Most Popular RYT Course Destinations?

WE HAVE TRAVELLED to taken these courses, and we thought that you might find this information useful. We have found that especially in India, the RYT courses are very cheap from $1500 to say $2500 and can offer accommodation.

The average course length in India is a long and full 28 days.

So for a full 28 days you will have accommodation, food, WiFi, maybe 3 teachers (wages), business costs, lead trainer (wages), and the complete course, all for say $1800.

This is approx $50 a day budget. It is difficult to provide a strong professional teaching team for this price, let alone adding in accommodation etc. Something has to give.

But remember, this is India and you will get exactly what you pay for.

Hatha RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Ubud Bali

Accommodations on average are poor, cold, unfurnished, Ashram style, shared room, mattresses on cold tiled floor. Bathrooms as you would expect, some still squat style, hot water and electricity supply issues often.

There is also nothing worse than completing your very long day, to go back to a shared empty cold room with a moody roommate.

Believe Me, It Happens !

Food is basic, and no protein at most courses. Rice, potatoes, beans. A lot of rice. Its India

Weather is tricky and seasonal.

Wet, dry, very cold, or very hot depending if North or South India and month.

Do the research, ask questions, get pictures, and get the injections.

RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Australia, Europe

The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is much more expensive in the $2800 to $4500 range, plus additional accommodation cost ranging from $1500-$2000 for the month, plus food, plus, plus.😮

Please refer to our Price Compare article for more details CLICK HERE

expensive resort in bali yogafx international yoga teaching academy bali

Some RYS Yoga Teacher Training Courses are offering resort style, 24 days with accommodation charging just under $6000 based on twin share room. Wow!

And they insist that you pay a $100 tip to the staff!

In the main, the accommodation options in Bali are plentiful to suit many budgets. The weather in consistent for yoga teaching.

But, it is the price of the actual RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teaching course, average being $3500, that is prohibitive to many. Yoga Teaching Courses are now springing up on the small islands off the main Bali Island.

This just adds to your already hectic travelling schedule with no added benefits or reduced price for students. It’s all about reducing venue rental costs for the RYS. Yoga Teacher Training venues in Ubud Bali are becoming more expensive.

No savings are passed on to students just increased profit for the owners.

At YogaFX international  Yoga Teaching Training Academy. We intend to tackle this pricing structure head on keep reading.

Are you tired of being overcharged? Paying double the price when you don’t have to does not guarantee you the quality. Don’t let this happen to you!

High cost does not always means high value. 

At YogaFX we are committed to providing you our students… 

…with a complete WIN-WIN scenario for any life changing investment decision, which potentially can change the course of your life. 👌

We can only achieve this course value because of our tremendous goodwill developed by our long history in Bali. It is Through the trust, respect and cooperation of the local Balinese community.

We in turn are passing on to you our student this good-will by building upon our recognition as The-World’s-Greatest-International-Yoga-Teacher-Training-Academy, offering The-World-Best-Value-For-Money-Yoga-Teaching-Training-Course.

The following comprehensive table is being provided, so that you can at-a-glance compare YogaFX International Yoga Teaching Academy with 8 other RYS’s currently available in Bali. We have taking as much detail as possible off their websites and compared it with our own YogaFX RYS.

Plus we have included any value-added-benefits in as much detail as possible.

YogaFX Ashtanga RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Canggu Bali

Now you have all the facts! Paying double the price when you don’t have to, does not guarantee the quality. Don’t let this happen to you!

You will not believe the prices below, take a look !


The above information provides you with an at-a-glance quick snapshot of the RYS offers for their Yoga Courses in Bali.

What is meant to happen always does !

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