Most Registered Yoga School 200-Hour Owners Are Not A Yoga Teacher!

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Many Registered Yoga School (RYS) 200-hour owners don’t actually participate in their own courses.

All run by remote control.

many of them have no real experience as yoga teacher, teaching yoga classes

THEY CONCENTRATE THEIR ENERGY only on slick Facebook marketing and Google ads.

They employ a local manager to run the course and charge you the yoga course student $3500 plus food plus accommodation. Consequently, each day is exactly the same, very little variation in teachers or subject matter.

Our YogaFX team attended one course in India where the lead trainer actually only turned up for total of 15 hours during the whole 28 days program. He gave a one hour lecture, taught one yoga class and maybe 5 morning meditation sessions. That was his TOTAL involvement during the yoga course. He then just handed out certificates on the last day without ever getting to know anybody during the course.

Not good enough ❗?

The majority of students that actually graduated from these yoga courses, felt that they were NOT ready to go and teach a yoga class with any real confidence.

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

MANY STUDENTS on the courses felt a little cheated and disappointed with their RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Students had spent so much money and taking a month off work (or in some cases have left their jobs and rolled the dice on starting a new profession) felt terribly frustrated.?

“I guess I’m going back to YouTube”

Wow!! Where’s the love?

The above information is only a sample of our own experiences. Our YogaFX team has completed their own RYT 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Bali, India, Europe, and Australia. But I’m sorry to say these are the most common experiences throughout.

We are not being negative and have not named the RYS’s. But we believe passionately that if you are spending over $6000 including flights, accommodation, course.

Including taking a month off work or having resigned to embark on a new career, you really deserve to have all the facts from the inside. As to what really is happening in a lot of yoga teacher training courses.?

IF YOU REALLY have the passion and a calling to be a professional yoga teacher, then we hope the above information based upon our experiences is useful.

And if you have more questions, then that is a good thing

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