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Revealed-All RYT 200 Hours Are Not The Same

Lifting The Lid From The Inside –

The True Story of What Goes on at RYT 200 Hour’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses!

THE TEAM AT YogaFX International Yoga Teaching Academy has traveled extensively and taught yoga throughout the world.

Exactly the opposite can be said of the most staff at current RYS’s, that are offering RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, India, Europe, Australia.

We have seen first-hand what other schools are teaching to their students, which in most cases is NOT preparing you for life as a new teacher, or even a journey of self-discovery.

The following is a Breakdown of recommended reading of Useful Facts From..

Many Years of Study and Teaching Around The World

1. Covering too many postures

Some schools demonstrate up to 150 Asana in only a 3 to 4 week period. The full Ashtanga Primary series and the full Hatha yoga series (84 Asana)?

It is impossible to receive a full and confident understanding of the benefits, alignment, correction, contraindications when you are rushing like this. It is a brain overload and not safe.

2. There is actually very little instruction in the skills required to make you an outstanding yoga teacher.

There is no voice coaching, no class preparation, nothing that will prepare you for walking into your first class and feeling comfortable and ready. Your students will feel this lack of preparation.

There is always a lot of chanting, clapping, singing, and sitting quietly, meditations, sometimes from 3 to 6 hours, every day, six days a week.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this if you are looking for a self-discovery workshop or retreat for say $1000.

But definitely not from an advertised RYT 200 hours “Yoga Teacher Training Course” after paying $3500 ++, plus food and accommodation. You would, not unreasonably, expect more actual teaching methodology.

THERE ARE ENDLESS demonstrations of even advanced postures. This was seen by the students as an opportunity for the teacher to potentially show off.

Sometimes ONE advanced posture demonstration would take 45 mins. Needless to say, students were tapping on their phones after 20 mins.?

Many RYS’s 200 Hours start teaching advanced Ashtanga pose to beginners, no goodSome Ashtanga postures literally take years just to arrive at the beginning.

Yoga is a process not a product.

3. Teaching by Demonstration ONLY

You are being taught to teach by demonstration and not by dialogue. What this means is that you will feel that you have to demonstrate every posture to your class, all the time!?

This is an impossible way to develop your yoga teaching career. You become fatigued limiting the number of classes that you can teach, plus you will become injured as the body can take no rest.

Also, there are many postures that you will not be able to demonstrate comfortably.

Stop teaching by demonstration

Start to teach from dialogue and clear instruction❗

In each class, there is always a super flexible student that would make the Cirque Du Soleil team. Invite them to the front of the class and they will perform the posture to your dialogue instruction. This Is Class Interaction. Very Important.

4. Encouraged And Unsupervised Private Practice.

Including corrections from fellow students. This fellow student of course has NO EXPERIENCE in posture adjustment, corrections or, body realignment.?

We have actually seen students physically pushing, pulling, and bouncing on other students’ back, to make a posture alignment. Ouch!!

We have seen students using straps incorrectly, and overstretch ligaments causing injuries.?

5. Student-Teacher Ratios.

The teaching staff is limited to one or two teachers for the entire RYT 200 Hours yoga course, making a very high student to teacher ratio.

It is not uncommon for one teacher to manage 30 students during a posture clinic.

How much personal attention will you as a student receive?

Many students actually become disinterested, disengaged, and disheartened.

6. The Teachers

THE ACTUAL TEACHERS running the teacher training are very limited In their own life teaching experiences and in most cases have non-existent real-world teaching experiences.

In some cases, teachers are just reading from books.?

True, we have seen this in all places India and Bali.

7. There is no actual focused hatha yoga pose sequence that they are teaching you.

The majority of RYS’s just run through the complete 84 Hatha Yoga Series Asana, leaving you a little bit lost as to what sequence to teach when you leave. You will also find that there will be no increase in your body strength or flexibility.

No dialogue coaching at all…

…other than inhale, hold, exhale. Repeat. True❗

THERE IS NO STRUCTURE to a posture, no setup, execution, reset, change. The teachers were just running through postures as quickly as possible.

Many instructing teachers would grade the student in front of the whole class. How does this sound teacher to a student…

 “You are above beginner, but well below medium”.

Along with

“You must practice only this posture 3 hours every day for 6 months then maybe you can do it!”

These comments were directed not just to one student, but to many students at various times.

We have found that many instructing teachers in the main are bored. Looking out of windows often and just leave students to manage themselves, especially in posture clinics.

Very little or zero by way of actual teaching advice and instruction, regarding your own class teaching preparation or presentation.

Not even any Q n A’s.

The reason being, most of the instructors have not actually ever taken real-world yoga classes. Hence they don’t actually know what to talk about and therefore will not encourage any student interaction or participation.

The teachers only demonstrate postures, which in turn means that your only instruction is a basic demonstration. You are there for participating in ONLY a 28-day yoga workshop…


8. A 4 Week Workshop-Not Yoga Teacher Training Course

THERE IS A FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE between enrolling in an advertised Yoga Teacher Training Course and only having postures demonstrated by your teacher. Enrolling in our YogaFX RYT 200 hours Teacher Training Academy in Bali we will actually teach you to teach. Providing you with THE ABILITY TO TEACH a Yoga class full of 30+ students.

If you as a teacher get into the bad habit of trying to teach a yoga class and demonstrate all of the postures at the same time, stop and go back. You are heading in the wrong direction. You will quickly become tired, and your actual teaching skills will never develop.?

A yoga teacher, a conductor, a football coach, etc cannot and do not do both things at the same time. All of the time.

9. We will teach you how to stand on your two feet?

At YogaFX you will learn how to teach your students through professional dialogue and expert posture knowledge.

These skills will then allow you to teach your yoga class and run workshops where you can focus on demonstrating individual postures.

10. Student Injuries

A lot of the RYS’s 200 hours had so many students carrying injuries as a result of cold rooms, air conditioning, poor instruction, and incorrect alignments, and lack of preparation.

In some schools up to 30% of the students were injured by week 2.?

SOME STUDENTS actually received their RYT 200 Hours certificates after completing only 5 yoga classes in total, during the full 4 weeks of yoga teacher training. This is a very poor commitment by the RYS to graduate students with good teaching standards. The RYS’s have their motivations elsewhere.

11. Very High Dropout Rate.

Based upon our own experiences, the number of students leaving the courses early because “it wasn’t what they were expecting” is way too high.

Up to 30% of students can drop out an average of 20% is common❗

So for example, an RYT 200 Hours Yoga teacher training attended by one of our team in Canggu Bali started with 28 students. 7 students left in week one. and went to try another course in Ubud. 9 were injured by week 2. ?

This left only 12 out of the original 28 taking classes and fully participating. All received their certificates except one❗

The above information is based upon real-life yoga teacher training course experiences by our staff. Your time is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to you and your money is hard-earned.

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Please choose your Registered Yoga School wisely❗?


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