The Practice of Meditation

meditation practice

Some Useful Hints in the Practice of Meditation:

1. DURING THE PRACTICE OF MEDITATION, please do not put any strain on the eyes and the forehead, LET THEM RELAX.

Don’t put any force on the mind

If you do, the mind will become stubborn, and it will also start fighting with you. You will begin to feel tired and may also get a headache. If the mind is restless and tends to run from one thought to another, LET IT RUN, don’t try to hold it down, but do watch the mind and the nature of the flow of thoughts.

During meditation, when the mind seems to wander, remain impassive at the nature of your thoughts but do try and bring the mind back to stillness…

…each time you find the mind caught up in thoughts…

…try to create a detachment between the mind and the thoughts, trying to find a balance. Slowly you will find that the jumping mind or the monkey mind, as it is otherwise known, will become steadier and become more drawn towards the meditative mind.

meditation practice

2. In the beginning, sit in meditation for short periods only, slowly increasing the duration with practice.

3. If too much effort is being put in during meditation, you will begin to feel very tired, so especially in the beginning, keep your meditations light and the time period short. Begin with light meditation and when you find steady energy growing within you…

this is the time to increase the duration

4. If during long periods of meditation, while sitting in the Padmasana or Siddhasana, you begin to feel tired and your mind is more drawn towards the pain or stiffness in your body…

…you can change your position

meditation practiceFor example, if you started out sitting in Padmasana, change to Siddhasana, or Vajrasana. In the same way, if you start your meditation by sitting in Vajrasana or Siddhasana, you can slowly come into Padmasana. You can take support from the wall if you like.

BUT PLEASE KEEP IN MIND do not to allow the spine to bend, it must be kept straight. If the spine is bent during meditation you will not find success in your practice. In any case, when the mind becomes steady and deep in meditation, one does not feel any pain in the body as one is no longer aware of it.

Benefits of Meditation

The main point of Dhyaan is discovering your internal thoughts and the interaction with your consciousness; as a result of which the saadhak becomes free from the afflictions of ignorance, lack of knowledge of existence, attachment, disease, hate, fear, and jealousy. Once the saadhak becomes free from ignorance, his own understanding of awakening arises.

The effect of Dhyaan Sadhana is steadiness and harmony of mind and the senses

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Every moment of restlessness is wiped out, the result being that the saadhak can attain divinity in this present world. Foolishness or wrongful acts can never be committed by a saadhak.

Divine inspiration regularly and naturally flows into his mind. Different feelings and efforts become balanced within. Your desires and doubts become weak and lost forever.

One of the fruits of Dhyaan is that the body and mind become a miraculous experience. One becomes linked with the cosmic flow, the first effect of which is complete freedom of disease in the body and mind. Every cell, each nerve, vein, and the subtle energy channels – nadis and the sense organs, all receive a divine flow.

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One feels as if everything is anew, and one has crossed the boundaries of knowledge and blissful energy is felt. The sense of bliss and pure energy felt by the saadhak is difficult to explain in words.

In short, I would just like to say that one who practices meditation is no longer affected by the disturbances of worldly difficulties, the mind is steady and calm and strength of courage enters his life. Inspiration lights his path and keeps him moving forward. Inner knowledge stops his attachment and aversion, and greed, illusion, lust, and anger do not enter his mind.

There is a deep sense of inner satisfaction

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And so, please do Dhyaan (meditation) and with the help of Dhyaan Sadhana gain victory over your mind, enter your life.

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