Why Choose YogaFX RYT 200 Hours ? Are You Serious About Wanting To Be The Best

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Why Choose YogaFX International Yoga Teaching Academy

RYT 200 Hours Teacher Training Bali

YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy is a yoga teaching program based on proper alignment, sequencing, keyword dialogues, anatomical awareness and education.

OUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING core aim is to restore proper, balanced posture to the body. This is achieved through neutral positioning of the limbs—starting at the feet and moving to the knees, pelvis, spine, rib cage and skull.

Modern studies demonstrate that a balanced posture allows the human body to develop strength and stamina, whilst healing faster and more efficiently.

Our YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training Academy is an assembled team of Leading Professional Yoga Teachers.

RYS 200 Yoga Alliance YogaFX teacher training

From over 20,000 + hours of combined real life yoga teaching experiences, we have together, carefully designed our YogaFX RYT 200 Hours Teacher Training Course, in order to transform you into one of the world’s greatest teachers.🏅

We maintain that our teacher: student ratio is the envy of other schools, ensuring that you will receive the personalized attention, care and support as required, all the time.

The YogaFX International Teaching Academy team have trained and taught students throughout the world.

All of our teachers being of very high standard, having completed their own personal yoga training courses well in excess of a 1000 hours, NOT including their teaching hours, which in most cases exceeds well over a further 1000 hours.

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WITH YOGAFX you will become a member a larger yoga community with the opportunity to be invited to interesting workshops, follow up educational newsletters, yoga teaching advancement courses (RYT 300 Hours, studio franchising, social media marketing, yoga studio set-up and business marketing) An opportunity also exist for you to join our teaching staff and to gain enough experience for you to open your own YogaFX studio, with our help and guidance.

You are also welcome at any time to re-join our RYT 200 Yoga course for a tune up, to gain more experience, or just to have a break back in Bali. This re-join is absolutely no charge, other than accommodation.

We would love to see you again.

WE LIKE TO THINK that we are so much, much, more than just another Yoga Teacher Training Course. Our YogaFX Members ONLY Lounge for example has a vast resource library in excess of 60,000 words that all YogaFX Graduate can access for FREE.😀

Topics covered range from Yoga for a Good Night’s Sleep, The Complete New Yoga Studio Marketing Plan and Set-up, how to set-up a Yoga Youtube Account and generate subscribers.

YogaFX is pioneering dynamic innovative contemporary…

…and we strive to make your Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training accessible, affordable and enjoyable for everyone.

YogaFX Yoga Teacher training Bali Lisa

We are not like any other Yoga teacher training course; we don’t just take your money, give you a certificate and say bye, bye, good luck, and never see you again.


You will also be pleased to know that YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy has also had its course syllabus accredited and credentialed by the American Council Of Exercise (ACE). To read more details about the added value to your course and why this is important please CLICK HERE

We believe that once you have graduated from YogaFX as a new yoga teacher your journey has only just begun.

Our support, guidance, advice is always on hand and just a WhatsApp away.

At YogaFX we love what we do, and with our hard work we hope that you will too.


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