RYT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Bali 7 Essentials to Bring With You

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Congratulations on your decision to join us in Bali for your RYT 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Course!🤩

WE ARE THRILLED that you will be joining us.👏

We thought that it was important to touch base with you just in case it is your first time travelling to Bali.

We have put together a simple list of 7 essentials for you to just be aware of. Remember that even if you forget some of these item, everything is available purchase in local Seminyak stores.

Not sure what to bring? Here’s a list of seven essentials to cover all the bases.

SO YOU HAVE JOINED YogaFX Teacher Training Course in Bali and decided that you’re finally going to do the Yoga Teacher Training that you’ve always wanted. You’ve carved out the time, you’re committed, and you’re ready. But now you’re probably wondering…

what should you bring to your Yoga Teacher Training course?🧘‍♀️

Well, look no further.

A 20 days intensive yoga teacher training in Bali besides the obvious cultural differences, might have a few things that you are not be used to.

Here are seven things that you can bring to your training to best prepare you for your journey ahead.👍

1. Comfortable yoga attire

This may seem obvious, but many people new to this practice don’t always know what to wear. But all you really need is something you can easily move your body in, like flowing pants and a supportive top—whatever will allow you to be comfortable, rather than self-conscious.

At the same time however, you’ll want to practice in clothing that stays put, too, because if you’re constantly adjusting your shirt or pants and worried about a wardrobe malfunction, this can take you out of the zone or “flow” of the experience.🙏

2. Travel First Aid Kit Packing List

Travel First Aid Kit Considerations

Think about doing Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and the TYPICAL CHALLENGES faced, then plan your kit accordingly:

A travel first aid kit is just a good idea, as you have all your bits and pieces in one place. Of course you can put it in your own small bag. This post is only for your information.

You’ll probably need something for release muscles pain during the training. Especially during your first few days as some of you might not be used to practicing two classes of yoga per day. Don’t worry we do take it easy with you for the first few days, while we find your level and body strength.

Experimenting with new food may cause stomach problems.

Hot, humid conditions may cause small scrapes and insect bites to become infected.

You’ll most likely be very jet lagged the first week after flying to Asia.

Must-Have First Aid Kit Items💊

Deep heat like tiger balm for muscle pain

Bandages (Band-Aids or “plasters”) of varying size come in handy, particularly to cover “hot spots” before they develop into full-blown blisters.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol/paracetemol) is the best pain reliever for fighting mild fevers, but it isn’t as good at controlling inflammation after injury. Acetaminophen is generally not considered an NSAID — making it a better choice for people with certain conditions.

Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) is a useful anti-inflammatory drug to control swelling in case you twist an ankle. It also helps with general aches and pains (e.g., back pain, toothache, etc) that may pop up.

Anti-diarrhea tablets (loperamide/Imodium) are an unfortunate necessity in Asia. Just a general change in diet and bacterial contamination can lead to diarrhea.

Avoid taking loperamide until absolutely necessary;

diarrhea is the body’s natural way of flushing bacteria

Antibacterial ointment or cream is good for treating small infections before they become bigger problems.

Hand sanitizer should be used before working on an injury, and it comes in handy. Look for the wipes in packets rather than a bottle.

Gauze pads are sterile and can be used to clean and cover scrapes or injuries too large for a plaster. Bring a few of different sizes.

3. Bring Journal

NOT ONLY WILL YOU want to take mad notes during your training, but you’ll also want to write down your process:


📝What revelations are you having?

We suggests bringing two journals or notebooks with you.📕

4. Sunscreen 30+

Sunscreen lotions, creams, sprays, and gels contain ingredients that absorb certain UV wavelengths, thus protecting the skin from UV damage to varying degrees.

Each sunscreen product is assigned a sun protection factor (SPF), a number that refers to the relative sunburn protection offered by the product. An SPF of 15 means that it would take 15 times longer for a user to get sunburned, compared to the time it takes to get sunburned without using the product.🔅

If one’s unprotected skin gets sunburned after 20 minutes’ sun exposure, for instance, adding an SPF 15 sunscreen extends that time to five hours.

IT’S RECOMMENDED you get sunscreen with SPF of no lower than 30☀

if you’re planning to go to Southeast Asia during the summer months.

5. More Yoga Clothes Than You Think You Need

Of course, this is all relative to where you’ll be studying, but if you’re headed to a warm climate, bring more yoga clothing than you think is necessary. You will have  an asana class in the morning and another one in the late afternoon. You don’t want to sit in sweaty clothes in-between.

6. More deodorant

Twelve hour yoga days in the tropics? Believe me, you’re gonna want to make sure you have enough deodorant.😋

7. Travel Adapter

When you’re traveling overseas, a good travel adapter is as essential as your passport. At minimum, it should be reliable, a travel gadget you can be sure isn’t going to start a minor electrical fire or ruin your valuable electronics, yet compact enough to stow away in your carry-on suitcase.

YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy RYS 200

8. Get Budget Travel Insurance

Along with getting the recommended vaccinations for Asia, you’ll want to get travel insurance coverage for your trip. A SUITABLE PLAN SHOULD BE PURCHASED at home before you leave; the peace of mind that basic travel emergencies are covered is worth the additional trip cost!

Above all have a wonderful time😍

It will be challenging, enlightening and you will meet amazing people 🔆

Bring these 7 items and your Yoga Teacher Training experience will be so much more fulfilling 😊

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step🏃‍♀️

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