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Which One is The Best for Yoga Teaching?

If you're a yoga instructor, then you may be considering the best way to help spread the word on the form WHETHER you are teaching...
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Use Yoga as Arm Exercises!

Yoga is popular for relieving stress and improving posture. MANY PEOPLE TURN TO YOGA when they are looking for exercises that are gentle on the...

Taking a Yoga Teacher Training When You Don’t Plan to Teach?

Taking teacher training may not seem useful, but it can have unexpected benefits. It is easier to identify when training is appropriate for personal goals or interests by recognizing...
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Meditating after a Yoga Session

Meditation is often associated with yoga lessons and training because many practitioners of yoga will meditate after a session By recognizing the benefits to mental...
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6 Ways to Fit in Yoga Classes During The Autumn Season

It is important to do yoga when the autumn season comes.  It becomes harder to work outside because the weather changes, as colder and the...
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Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

Although yoga classes have grown in popularity over the years, some individuals may find that private lessons are more appealing. Unlike the basic classes,...

Kicking Off a Yoga Session with Sun Salutation

The sun is often a symbol of life and wellness in cultures around the world. The source of light on the earth, the sun, is...

Yoga For Cyclists

Cyclists are some of the strongest athletes because of the muscle groups used to power a bicycle Not only are the leg muscles used but...
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Why Yoga Is Christian-Friendly Exercise

Over the years, many Christians are upset with the idea of yoga Yoga is just as Christian-friendly as any other fitness class. The main source...

How to Choose The Right Yoga Mats!

A variety of yoga mats are available on the market, which can make it hard to select the right mat. Fortunately, learning a little about...
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