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Benefits Of Yoga Series

Digital blue human rubbing highlighted red lower back pain

Get a Strong Lower Back with Yoga!

A strong and supple lower back is one of the prime keys to getting through your hectic day without pain. Research in the UK...
YogaFX Man with Strong Pectoral

Doing Yoga as Pectoral Exercises

Developing strong muscles does not necessarily mean spending hours working with weights. Yoga as pectoral exercises is a great way to build muscles in the...
yoga poses

Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Upper Back

With all the activities you engage in daily, you may develop upper back pain. Some postures cause unduly stretching of muscles and this results in...
YogaFX Ashtanga RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Courses Ubud Seminyak Canggu

Meditation for Athletes Performance

Key Benefits That Meditation Has For Athletes Performance. It is also about the mental aspects of performing in a sport and keeping up with...
yoga is for everyone

Doing One vs. Various Yoga Style

Practicing yoga is good for the mind and body THE PRACTICE OF YOGA combines deep breathing, meditation, and physical exercise, which improves the health of...
YogaFX Daily Schedule

Which one is the Best? Yoga class for Schedules or Unschedule

If you want to try yoga, you will be glad to know that there are several choices for yoga types THESE include Ashtanga, Anusara, Aikram,...
YogaFX People thinking yoga figure front yes no

Which One is The Best for Yoga Teaching?

If you're a yoga instructor, then you may be considering the best way to help spread the word on the form WHETHER you are teaching...
YogaFX Ghomukasana arms

Use Yoga as Arm Exercises!

Yoga is popular for relieving stress and improving posture. MANY PEOPLE TURN TO YOGA when they are looking for exercises that are gentle on the...
yogafx teacher training

Taking a Yoga Teacher Training When You Don’t Plan to Teach?

Taking teacher training may not seem useful, but it can have unexpected benefits. It is easier to identify when training is appropriate for personal goals or interests by recognizing...
YogaFX Woman doing meditation in Autumn season

Meditating after a Yoga Session

Meditation is often associated with yoga lessons and training because many practitioners of yoga will meditate after a session By recognizing the benefits to mental...


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