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YogaFX Mr Ritesh Patel

Teacher Profile: Ritesh Patel

With a common-sense approach as well as maintaining the authentic teachings of Patanjali yoga sutra Ritesh Patel has mastered yoga for over 20 years, and...
YogaFX Irena Bartolec

Teacher Profile: Irena Bartolec

Irena has 15 YEARS OF EXTENSIVE TEACHING EXPERIENCE. Irena Bartolec is an Authorised KPJAYI yoga teacher and head of the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Program at...
yogafx teacher training bali

Teacher Profile: Kartika Alexandra

Kartika Alexandra has been practicing hypnotherapy for the last 6 years in Bali and around the world. Her background is in Psychology. Though after...
yoga teaching

7 Essentials to Bring For Teaching Yoga

Congratulations on your decision to join us in Bali for your RYT 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Course!🤩 WE ARE THRILLED That You...
shoulder exercise

Exercise Your Shoulder with Yoga!

Weight training can be hard on the shoulders and arms, particularly when mistakes occur and the weights are lifted incorrectly. The risk of injuries...
yoga for leg strength

Yoga for Leg Strength

To do Yoga for Leg Strength, place your hand on the front of your thigh, and you find the four sets of muscles that...
yoga for lower back pain

Get a Strong Lower Back with Yoga!

A strong and supple lower back is one of the prime keys to getting through your hectic day without pain. Research in the UK...
YogaFX Man with Strong Pectoral

Doing Yoga as Pectoral Exercises

Developing strong muscles does not necessarily mean spending hours working with weights. Yoga as pectoral exercises is a great way to build muscles in the...
yoga upper back

Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Upper Back

With all the activities you engage in daily, you may develop upper back pain. Some postures cause unduly stretching of muscles and this results in...

Meditation for Athletes Performance

Key Benefits That Meditation Has For Athletes Performance. It is also about the mental aspects of performing in a sport and keeping up with...
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