Gentle Yoga Poses To Do Before Going To Bed


Yoga is popular as a great way to work out regularly, but it can also help you have a relaxing and restful sleep.

JUST AS YOU DO YOGA in the morning or after work to get your blood pumping, you can do several different gentle yoga poses before you go to bed to help you center yourself before you turn in for the night.

Check out four of the best gentle yoga poses to do before you crawl under the covers, all of which will help to ensure a restful sleep on a nightly basis. Most of these bedtime poses are very easy and can be done by anyone, whether you regularly do yoga or not. ?‍♀️

Easy Forward Bend

gentle yoga posesIf your hips are tight and you need some relaxation before bed, try the Easy Forward Bend which is a variation of the pose known as the Sukhasana. Simply sit on the floor Indian style with your knees bent and legs crossed over each other.

Then lean forward with your arms stretched out over your head…

until your palms are touching the ground. Try to make both your palms and elbows touch the ground at the same time and place your forehead on the floor if you can.

ANOTHER WAY to make this pose more relaxing is to sit on top of a pillow while you do it, as it will open your hips up more. Try holding this pose for at least ten to fifteen seconds at a time, multiple times.

Plow Pose

This plow pose is slightly more complicated, but can easily be done by those who don’t regularly do yoga as long as you have confidence in your own flexibility.

YogaFX Ubud Bikram Yoga RYT 200 Hour Teacher Training Course Lay down on the ground flat with your arms at your sides with your palms flat against the floor. Lift your legs and torso and bring them back over your head so that your feet touch the floor and your chin touches your chest.

According to Yoga Journal, staying in this plow pose for one to five minutes every night will help you to fall asleep more easily. This pose reverses the blood flow through the body, helping to bring new vitality and relaxing you before you go to sleep.

Corpse Pose

AS SIMPLE AS A POSE CAN BE DONE, the Corpse Pose sounds grisly but is actually quite soothing. Simply lay down on a yoga mat or carpet with your body fully stretched out and your arms at your side.

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Focus your attention now with your eyes closed on your body and your breathing ?

IN OTHER WORDS, this pose is meant to help you meditate and slow your breathing, relieving stress, and clearing your mind. Lay in this pose as long as you would like so that you feel relaxed. Just don’t fall asleep this way, as you probably won’t get the best night’s sleep on the floor.

Reclining Butterfly

This is a variation of the basic butterfly pose, the reclining butterfly entails laying down on the floor and putting the soles of your feet together with your knees bent in a diamond.

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If your hips are too tight to do this pose, try putting a blanket or small throw pillows under each knee to elevate them and make the pose more relaxing. Try holding this pose for at least 15 to 30 seconds at a time and repeat this pose until you are AS RELAXED AS POSSIBLE.?

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