Kundalini Awakening And The Seven Chakras Magic Powers

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In The Awakening of The Kundalini, We Get To Understand The True Role of Yoga.

The Awakening of Kundalini Yoga helps us get the real knowledge of yoga’s nature; everyone needs to know kundalini to reach the true state of yoga. Only then, the practitioner is worthy of being a ‘Yogi’. The true essence of Hatha Yoga is also inscribed through the passage of this medium.

‘Tha’ meaning Ida Nadi, or the left breath, which is the cooling flow. ‘Ha’ means Pingala nadi, or the right breath, the heating or fire flow. And the third most important is the Sushumna Nadi, the mouth of which is covered with the cough, mucus, bile, etc., and this is situated near the Muladhara Chakra. Inhaling Pranayama through the Ida and the Pingala and then closing both sides of the nose, when we hold the breath in with the three locks…

…slowly creates a pressure in the Sushumna opening the flow of passage

THE RESULT OF WHICH is the Prana Vayu, or flow of breath, enters the Sushumna. Only after the Prana Vayu starts flowing through the Sushumna does the awakening of the Kundalini take place.

This pure awakening of the Kundalini Shakti creates intense heat, passing through each chakra, where the supreme Goddess Kundalini in the form of lightning, rises upwards and gets unified with the All-Pervading Great Father and God, Lord Shiva, who resides in the crown or the Sahasrara Chakra. This ‘joining’ or ‘union’ is Yog, or, we can say, the union of the Shiv and Shakti energy is Yoga.?

And this is the main important objective or aim of Hatha Yoga. Still, ordinarily, people have a misconception of Hatha Yoga in their minds as a series of forced, difficult, intense stretches or texts. The true meaning of Hatha Yoga reveals itself:
It is said in the Ramayan, “Janam Janam Muni Jatan Karahi”.

To reach this step or level of Yoga, munis and Rishikesh spend lifetimes in penance. Still, through some steps of Hatha Yoga, as a medium, anyone can achieve this pristine state of Yoga in this lifetime itself, and be worthy of being called a ‘Yogi’. Still, it is also said, “Gurukripa hi kevalam”.

Through the grace of the true God or Satgurudev, there is no such thing in this world that cannot be attained. 1 yen seemingly impossible work can be made possible.

Now we will discuss the Chakras…

…through which the Mother Goddess Energy can reach up to the Sahasrara Chakra. If there is any blockage in the chakras, then the Kundalini Shakti will have to go through the obstacles in the upward rising; and thus, to remove the obstacles and blockages in the chakras – asanas, pranayam, dhyaan, mudra, and banclhas are used, through which the Kundalini Energy can reach up to the Sahasrara, without any obstacles.

And now, we discuss the six chakras that appear in chronological order before the Sahasrara Chakra.

The Seven Chakras

YogaFX RYS 200 Hours Teacher Training BaliMuladhar Chakra

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Swadishthan Chakra

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Manipur Chakra

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Anahat Chakra

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Vishuddha Chakra

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Ajna Chakra

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Sahasrara or the Thousand Petal Chakra

Amongst these seven, the first six starting from the Muladhar to the Ajna or Chakras, whereas the last the Sahasrara or the Divine lotus or Shivsthaan, according to some tantric traditions. In fact, the Sahasrara Chakra is more commonly referred as the Thousand Petalled Lotus, and also Shivasthan.

1. Muladhar Chakra

Just as it is clear from each chakra’s names, the Muladhara Chakra is the ‘mul’ or base of all the chakras. Mul Adhaar basically means that this is the base from where the Sushumna Nadi originates between the genitals and the anus area.

kundalini awakening - muladhara

This chakra also called Adhara Chakra, and also the Adhara Lotus. It represents the earth element, or earth tatva, and is accepted as the earth’s place in the body. Reciting ‘Om Bhu’, the first part of the pranayam mantra, and meditating on the meaning, awaken this chakra, strengthens all the energies, making them strong.

This chakra has four petals and the color is red, and on each petal are the letters: Vam, Sham, Sham, Sam. Through the seed mantras, the specific knowledge of power and action points towards this specific conscious center (the Muladhara Chakra). In the center of this chakra is the seed mantra of the earth element – Lam…

…Which means that this chakra encompasses the earth at the core of its center

When one becomes siddh in this, one gains power over the earth element, and no trouble or obstacle can come from the metaphysical, terrestrial earth element. Terrestrial commodities do not work as a deterrent to their speed. The smell is its merit; as a result, one is also able to inhale the heavenly smell.

Meaning that afterward, this divine smell fabricating the aura or atmosphere, and common people also realize the existence of that divine smell.

The seed mantra Lam’s vehicle, of this chakra – Aeravat or the white elephant. According to yogic tradition, the awakening of this chakra is to know and understand the Absolute.

2. Swadhishthan Chakra

Swadhisfithan Chakra is a few inches above the genital area and a few inches below the navel center, and also between the Muladhar and Manipur Chakra. It is considered as the entre of water. Chanting of the second syllable, Om Bhuva, of the Pranayam Mantra, and understanding its meaning is the means to awaken this chakra.

kundalini awakening - swadhishthan

This chakra is represented as a square and the colour is orange

On each of its petals in a continuing order are Bam, Bham, Mani, Yam, Ram, and Lam, the Beej Mantras.

Vam is the tatvabeej of this chakra; its vehicle is the crocodile. With the awakening of the Swadhisthan Chakra, you will gain destruction and detachment from the emotional states of impurities such as pride, ego, etc. and he can write prose or poetry in any language, the fruit of which is that the saadhak or seeker can express himself in any language.

And as the Sidhhi of the water element, the saadhak gains mastery over this element. He is no longer affected by water, the chillness of the water does not trouble him, neither can water wet him nor decay him. Neither is there the possibility of water drowning him. Water can no longer be the cause of his death.

3. Manipur Chakra

Manipura is near the navel center, close to the spine. This center is considered as the center of the fire. Chanting one part of the ‘Om Swaha’ in the Pranayam Mantra and understanding its meaning awakened this chakra. With the awakening of this chakra, the uprising of the consciousness center becomes strengthened. This chakra has ten petals and is of a golden yellow color.

kundalini awakening - manipurOn each petal are the designated letters – dam, dham, nam, tam, tham, d, dha, n, p, ph. Fire is the presiding tatva of this chakra and the beej mantra is Ram. Its vehicle is the ram.

The sense organs – eyes or vision and the organs of action- the feet are related to this chakra

4. Anahat Chakra

The Anahat chakra is near the heart, between the Manipura and the Vishuddha Chakras. This area is the center of the air element. It is situated in the superfine part of the body. The prime essence of this tatva is ‘to feel’. The skin and the hands are related to this chakra from the sense organs and the organs of action.

kundalini awakening - anahatChanting and the understanding of the Pranayam Mantra ‘Om Maha:’ awakens this center. The concept of the air element is established in this center. Concentration on this center allows the saadhak to become aware of the Anahat Naad or the pure sound; that is why the consciousness center is called the Anahat Chakra.

Vishnu Consciousness is also here, the awareness of which can be awakened through this center.

There are twelve lotus petals in this CENTER

Kam, kham, jam, gham, dham, cham, ksham, jam, jham, nyam, tam and tham are the seed sounds. This is what is accepted, in the middle of these twelve petals, is the seed mantra Yam, which is related to the air element. The color of this chakra is green. Its vehicle is the deer.

5. Vishuddha Chakra

Vishuddha Chakra is situated at the throat center, between the Anahat and the Ajna Chakras. The throat area is the center of the sky element. It is situated in the jana lok sthithi of the body. The prime element of the sky tatva is ‘sound’, which is represented in the throat area. Shotra or listening skills of the sense organs and speech or words of the action organs are related to the sky element.

kundalini awakening - vishuddha

To awaken this tatva, Vishuddha Chakra, the ‘Om Jana:’ recite the part of Pranayam mantra with understanding.

The understanding of the concept of the sky element also begins from here

By concentrating on this center, the saadhak becomes aware of and gains mastery of this element – the fruit of which: words from the past or even the words that had taken birth in the past, are also audible for a yogi, and he can conquer the infinite sky by moving freely into the sky.

There are sixteen petals on this chakra. All the existing chakras have a high consciousness but the Vishuddha Chakra has the highest consciousness. The sixteen petals of this chakra are the beej mantras Am, Aam, Em, Eem, Um, Uum, Lrim, Lriim, Lrum, Lruum, Aim, Aaim, Aom, Aaom, Ang, Aha. In the middle is the seed mantra ‘Ham’.

The color of this chakra is a smoky sky color. The seed vehicle of this chakra is an elephant. The awakening of this chakra or to become siddh or to master the sky element, the yogi’s mind becomes similar to the sky: the awakened mind of the yogi is always completely calm, devoid of emotion and disorders of various waves of fluctuations, and the mind is settled down.

As far as the sky’s prevalence, there is a wide range of knowledge of the Yogi or the seeker and he achieves omniscience.

The Yogi’s mind is in nature and is capable of doing good…

…for the whole world by himself and his complete life is full of health and the ultimate glory becomes his religion.

6. Ajna Chakra

‘Ohm Tapa’ is part of the pranayam mantra. Chanting and understanding the feel of this mantra helps awaken this chakra. Ajna Chakra has two petals. On the two petals are the seed mantras ‘Ham’ and ‘Ksham’ which are the seeds of knowledge and the symbol of strong will power.

kundalini awakening-ajna

‘Oum’ Is the main seed mantra of this chakra

When one becomes master of this Oum mantra, and the Oum mantra is complete, he can pierce or go through the penetration gland (gland of Lord Shiva).

7. Sahasrara Chakra

Mind and body reach the pure high state in the Sushumna up to the Sahasrara or the thousand-petaled lotus, or the Absolute. This center is the highest consciousness center of all the chakras, this place has no waves or ripples, it is as deep as the Pacific Ocean and there is ultimate peace.

kundalini awakening - sahasrara

Once he reaches this state he becomes one with the Absolute or Brahma

To awaken all these chakras, the yogi needs only to work with the first six chakras. Once the Ajna Chakra awakens, the yogi no longer has to do saadhana or practice, he has become a siddhi or a master. Not just a master but a Supreme Master – Param Siddh, this is the highest and last state to achieve from all of the highest states.

One becomes a Param Siddh

Then the sun, wind, and rain are all willing to listen to the wishes of the saadhak or seeker. So, thus, when the saadhak practices asanas, pranayam, mudra, bandha, shudhkriya (cleansing kriyas), one day he attains that pure high state, the state of the Kundalini. The awakening helps him attain his true aim, purpose, or goal in life.

Not only does the kundalini awaken all the high states, but it is also the door to liberation. It is also true that to awaken this energy is not easy but requires patience, and years of practice, and still one can go wrong or get stuck. That is why having a guru who can guide you is important, who can impart this knowledge to you.

And this is one of the reasons why one cannot awaken his kundalini energy by reading it from books

Whether the seeker reaches this in his highest state or not, one thing is sure – from an ordinary person, he becomes an extraordinary person. His behavior, character, the way he walks and talks, everything is different from all others.

Whether a leader or a star, a common or a famous man, a beggar or a king, whoever puts his foot on this path of sadhana…

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…Every aspect of his life moves towards the greatness of mind and principles.