Useful Tips to A Great Asana Yoga Practice


16 Most Useful Tips For Great Asana Yoga Practice?

1. Asana yoga can be done by looking through a book. However, one should learn from a good teacher from time to time.

2. Do not jerk the body while doing asanas. Instead, try to move slowly and steadily into a pose.

3. Stay in the final position for some time.

4. Do not go beyond your capacity.

5. Try not to be too focused or forcing too much effort during asana practice.

this can sometimes prove to be harmful rather than beneficial?

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6. Always pay attention to the STATE OF BODY AND MIND during asana practice.

7. After the practice of asanas, always rest in Shavasan for some time, but if you don’t have time and are unable to do so, do not think that it will be harmful.

8. Those who have had surgery or any part of the body has been broken should not practice the difficult asanas.

9. If the body is injured or there is any pain anywhere in the body, do inform the teacher and take advice accordingly.

10. Hold your asanas with regular breathing. The body is such that according to the situation the body maintains its breath flow. For example, when we are going to carry something heavy, automatically the breath is held, or when we are putting a thread in the needle, due to concentration our breath is again held, in Shalabhasan and Mayurasan, the breath is held automatically.

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Yes, if one is suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems, or having breathing problems, then this rule may not apply and one should take advice from the instructor or teacher.

11. Perform asanas in a clean and airy space.?

12. Asanas can be practiced morning and evening, or only once a day, on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after having taken food.

13. In case of back problems do not perform forward bending asanas, and in the case of hernia, do not perform backward bending asanas.

14. Also do not practice asanas when the mind is very disturbed or one is very upset or angry?

pregnant woman

15. For pregnant mothers, especially from the second trimester onwards, only Yogic Suksham Exercises should be practiced, which are very useful and beneficial during pregnancy. And in Pranayam only practice the Anulom Vilom.

16. During menstruation, no asana practice should be done, the only reason being, that negative and positive force is exerted on the body during asana practice, and this can increase the flow of blood, and there can be a pull in the nadis. Hence, care should also be taken that there is no possibility of harm. And, Mayurasan should always be practiced after taking advice from a teacher.

Bathing ?

Many questions are always asked about bathing such as:

?When should one have a bath?

?Before or after asana yoga practice?

?Should one bathe in cold water or hot water?

hot and cold

The answer to this is what Shri Swatmaramji Maharaj had said,

“Niyam ka Aagrah”

TO EXPLAIN, a person living in Kashmir or other cold places will naturally want to take a bath with hot water, this will help the blood circulation and also relax the muscles, and bathing will be comfortable.

In the same way, in hot places, man wishes to bathe in cold water. Hot water will make him uncomfortable. Hence, bathing is dependent on the place and water availability, keeping in mind all of the circumstances.

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It is better to take a bath before the practice of asanas❓

Sometimes, especially for people who sweat a lot or those who have an odor in their sweat, it is better they take a bath after their asana practice. But not immediately after asanas, wait for 30 minutes or let the sweat dry off, and only then can one have a bath.


Asanas should not be practiced in a closed room. Some air outlet should be there, so make sure a window is open, and ideally, it should be on the terrace, or in any open space. While choosing a space, look for a space that is quiet and is not dusty or smoky.

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