To know the true self is the only true purpose in life.☀

We are not able to know our true self because the Self is entwined with the nature of the body and the mind. Ignorant persons think of their body as the Self. And then there are others who think of the mind as the Self, but both are wrong. But then the question arises, if the Self is not the body or the mind,

why is it affected by them?

IN THE MIND OF CONCIOUSNESS, various kinds of waves, movements or changes due to conditions of action or conducts by oneself, influences the Self and then one cannot see the true Self.

This is the reason that when waves of anger arise we think we or the Self is angry

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When the consciousness is filled with waves of love, the reflection of those make us think we, or the self is in love. When the waves of weakness arise and reflect on the Self, we feel that it is we, who are weak. When habits and mental patterns course the Self, it gives rise to different kinds of waves or fluctuations. As long as there is even one wave in the lake of the mind…

…the true nature of the Self cannot be revealed or seen or felt

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