What do you really want to achieve in life? What sort of life did you dream of as a child? How many times have you changed your goals without trying to actually accomplish them with NLP power?

You may have met people in your life who you have looked up to, who you perhaps aspire to be. These people have triumphed over adversity or turned their lives around.
You may have thought to yourself ‘how did they manage to do that? I could never do that!’ We hear these anecdotes of these people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances to achieve such greatness.

We aspire to be these people and yet we subconsciously distance ourselves from them too. These larger-than-life figures regaling their fairy-tale success stories.
They’re one in a million, right? But these people are not fictional characters.


And so Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) power was born. It looked at how we as humans think, how we learn and how we behave. By studying how our minds are wired, what motivates us, and the patterns we follow, seek to adapt our minds to achieve specific goals in life. Nigel Heald, a master practitioner of NLP explains

“Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) power helps us not only truly understand how we create the habits that determine our everyday behaviors and outcomes; it also gives us the ability to make the new choices which expand our horizons. Just think what you could achieve in your life if you really felt and believed you could not fail: how would you feel if you could realize those dreams?”

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NLP Power: The Foundation For Growth & Change

As career professionals, we’ll often encounter clients who feel “stuck” and disempowered in their careers. However, it is not always about their lack of resources, but rather how they are using their conscious mind

(the “goal setter”) and unconscious mind (the “goal-getter”) to establish and achieve their goals. In fact, the conscious mind can be compared to the captain of a large ship and the unconscious mind as its crew.
When the conscious and unconscious minds are in sync, then one gains a clear focus to efficiently achieve their goals.

The Solution Model

Sometimes, we see our clients carrying around disappointments, past regrets, fears, and the pain of career setbacks, all of which can hinder their future success.

We can help guide them towards greater clarity, purpose, and motivation by encouraging them to step back to observe their problems and reframe their perspectives.
Champion clients to become more aware of their problems, the root causes, and recurring patterns.
How do we steer them towards a solution? We can do so by rechanneling their focus to the skills that need to be developed’

then motivating them to leverage those skills.

Ask your clients this critical question: what is the secondary gain?
Secondary gain is at play when an apparently negative or problematic behavior provides a positive or beneficial result in some way.
The presence of a secondary gain makes the negative or problematic behavior more likely to continue unless specifically dealt with.
An example would be a person who knows that smoking is harmful and no longer socially acceptable, but believes that it’s a good way to relax and look sophisticated by NLP power.

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NLP Presuppositions: Basic Principles To Respect

There are several foundational beliefs – or presuppositions – to respect when using NLP with clients, but three of them really resonated with me:
People have NLP power all the resources they need to succeed and to achieve their desired outcomes. There’s no such thing as a lack of resources. There’s only a lack of resourcefulness.
There is no failure, only feedback.

All procedures should be designed to increase choice

When we, as career professionals, adopt these liberating beliefs, we can support our clients in achieving what they may think of as impossible.
We can develop new skills and build our toolkit so that we’re equipped to help clients improve their resourcefulness and self-awareness by taking courses with Bright Futures

Solutions and Career Professionals of Canada.
“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” C. S. Lewis. So that’s all about NLP Power to change your careers and lives,

hope it is useful for you, are you ready to transform your career and life?

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