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inner power yoga

Tribandhas Aid In Pranayarn Sadhana.

In Yoga, bandha means ‘to lock’. These yoga locks are used to hold or direct the energy towards inner higher power growth. There are FOUR KINDS OF BANDHAS.

1. Jalandhar Bandh

For the practice of Jalandhar Bandh,


?Sit in Padmasan or Siddhasan.

?Closing one side of the nostril, draw in the breath deeply from the other side.

?Raise your neck slightly and bring it forward. Then slowly bring your chin down to the chest, keeping it pressed.

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In this way you lock the wind and food pipe with which neither the air passes in or out

?FURTHERMORE, it does not allow the saliva to flow in; meaning you completely block the inward flow from the mouth and the nose. In this way, you can hold your locked breath until you don’t open the lock. This is known as Jalandhar Bandh.

?Please note that just by bringing the chin down to the chest, one does not perform a Jalandhar Bandh, one has to feel that even the inner tubes and passages in the neck and throat are locked.


This lock is a part of Pranayam; meaning that the benefit of this lock can be experienced only with pranayam. During this a lock takes place in the area of the neck; this halts the INFLOW AND OUTFLOW OF THE BREATH in the various nerves of the head and the body.

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The nectar which drips down from the moon center of the Brahmasthal or the crown of the head does not burn into the fire of the body. Throughout the time that Jalandhar Bandh is held, this pure nectar or ‘amrif as it is called will continue to NOURISH AND STRENGTHEN the upper part of the body. Through this, the yoga practitioner attains the fruit of being able to prevent old-age and death❗

The main benefit gained by this bandha is that all the glands present in the neck and throat areas, such as the Thyroid Gland, the Parathyroid Gland, tonsils, and the salivary glands are strengthened and nourished?

The secretion or sweet nectar that is the core ingredient imparting strength, glow, beauty, and youth gets activated, influencing these benefits in the body, and making one more balanced. In this way, this bandha aids in the pranayam acting as a bridge, bringing all these qualities within.

2. Mulabandha

Just as Jalandhar Bandh acts as a lock on the upper inflow, Mulabandh works on the exits or openings of the outward flow. There are two openings in the exit flow

?The anal tract

The anal tract, also referred to as the anal pipe is where we have the Shankhini Nadi.

?The urinary tract

The urinary tract/genital organs are where we find the Kuhunadi, which influences the urinary system and regulates the flow of semen.

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During Pranayam, while in the Mulabandh, we squeeze the anal tract and the perineum, pulling upwards the Shankhini and Kuhu nadis. In this way, we work on drawing the Apaan Vayu upwards. In other words, the pulling up or contraction of the anal and urinary muscles, and tightening them, is another name for Mulabandha.

Mulabandha is always PRACTICED with pranayama?‍♀️

But it would be better if the disciple practices the Ashwini mudra for a few days before doing the Mulabandha. In the Ashwini mudra, one practice repeatedly tightening and relaxing the anal muscle. THIS KRIYA CAN BE PRACTICED without pranayam, any time you are sitting down. By practicing this, you will find no difficulty in doing the mulabandha correctly?

In Ashwini mudra, only the shankhini Nadi is tightened, whereas, in Mulabandha, both the Shankhini and the kuhu nadis are tightened.


The practice of Mulabandha is the key to every kind of success. With the practice of this, miraculous siddhis are gained. If we look at the benefits on a physical level, all the nerves of the urinary and anal tract are strengthened, all the organs and glands located in this area are toned up, due to which, all the diseases related to this area are prevented or cured-such as:

  • Constipation
  • Piles
  • Bed-wetting
  • Diabetes
  • A weakness of the bladder
  • Premature ejaculation, etc

WITH REGULAR PRACTICE the disciple becomes like a yogi – uprightly controlled hence the sperm never ejaculates, the results of which are Tejas, Ojas, strength, phenomenal growth in knowledge, memory, and learning, self-control. Through this, he gains victory over old-age and death.

In all yogic siddhis, the most important is the practice of Mulabandha

inner power yoga

The Mulabandha practice (the contraction of the Shankini and the Kuhu Nadis) is the KEY TO UNLIMITED SUCCESS. To understand the benefits, it is important to understand the working of this part of the body. As it has been clearly stated, the area below the navel point, and the area just above the anus, is the Upasth lndriya or the reproductive organs.

The function and organs of the reproductive system are different in both men and women. In men, they take the shape of two eggs known as the testis and in women, they are known as ovaries. Meanwhile, for women, they are inwards and the ovary also allows the important function of menstruation and pregnancy to take place. In men, the flow is outward in the form of semen through the male organ. This is known as the Viryavahini Nadi. It is connected to the anal nerve at one end, and the main aorta in the heart, at the other end.

DURING INTERCOURSE the energy builds up and the outward end of the Viryavahini nadi opens up, where the seminal fluid flows out. In case of weakness of this nerve, the seminal fluid is thin and keeps leaking, making the body very weak. When this energy is controlled, the semen mixes into the blood, and is not wasted, this syndrome becomes powerful and strong…?

…creating health strength glow and beauty as well as youthfulness in the body

With the practice of mulabandh the Viryavahini Nadi and the testis are strengthened.

3. Uddhiyaan Bandh

inner power yoga

For the practice of Uddhiyaan Bandh,


?one needs to sit in padmasana or siddhasana.

?During the pranayama being practice after inhaling and performing the Jalandhar bandh & while holding the breath, draw in your stomach and abdominal area pulling them in towards your spine.

You can also do this while standing


With the practice of this lock or mudra the digestive process is strengthened, as well as all the organs in this area are toned up. It increases the fire element in the body. The prana and Apaana flow are mixed and balanced, also the mucus collected on the top of the Sushumna Nadi is cleared, thus opening the mouth of the Sushumna Nadi, through which the Kundalini shakti is awakened.

As with the other bandhas, here too one gains victory over old-age and death because this kriya is a part of pranayama.

While doing paranayam it is important to follow the correct sequence…

…of the locking in and opening of the bandhas. Ideally, THE SEQUENCE SHOULD BE AS FOLLOW– for the locking in one always starts with Jalandhar Bandh, Mulabandh, and then the Uddhiyaan Bandh.

The opening of the locks will follow the opposite sequence, which is, first the Uddhiyaan Bandh, followed by Mulabandh, finally opening out from the Jalandhar Bandh. After the regular practice of these bandhas, one will become proficient in holding or retaining the breath (Kumbhak).

If one practices the bandhas, every morning, afternoon, evening, and night regularly along with at least eighty pranayams, for a period of six months, one can come into complete control of Kumbhak.

Without the bandhas all the benefits of pranayam cannot be gained

4. Mahabandh

inner power yoga


?Sit in any meditative pose and take a deep breath in and perform Rechak (exhalation).?‍♀️

?HAVING EXHALED COMPLETELY, first do the Jalandhar Bandh, then pull in the Mulabandh, completing it with the Uddhiyaan Bandh.

?Holding the locks with the air exhaled, hold the pose for as long as you comfortably can and try to bring your attention to the chakras, starting from Mulabandh up to the Crown.

?As you release the locks, start first with the Uddhiyaan Bandh, Mulabandh and fatally with the Jalandhar Bandh

This is one round of Mahabandh?

IN THIS WAY, you can practice up to 11 of such rounds.


Pregnant women should not practice this, and also people suffering from a hernia, high or low blood pressure, ulcers, heart problems, or weakness of the heart.❤


This strengthens the energy centers of the body. as well as giving you all the benefits of the individual three bandhas. Mahabandh is also very beneficial in drawing the mind towards the inner self.

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