Learn To Be Mindful And Positive In Live With Yoga Sadhana Practice

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The practice of Yoga Sadhana helps a saadhak gain divine energies.

The opposite is also true – Bhoga or indulgence destroys these divine qualities and one gives rise to negative energies. What are these negative energies like? Bhagwan Shri Krishna says-

Dambho Darpobhimanashch Krodh: Parushyamev cha
Agyaanam Chabhijaatasya Partha Sampadmasureem (Gita 16/4)

EGO, PRIDE, ANGER, hate, using harsh speech, and ignorance are all negative energies. Bhagwan Shri Krishna gives just a short explanation of these energies because those who are high in mind always look at the good of others.

negative energy

And those who only look at faults can never ever become high of mind

Bhagwan Shri Krishna points out here that one should always try and look at the good of others. In India alone, there are more than 100 crore people. Every person has a mixture of good and bad; but if one were to look at only the bad qualities of others, he could end up becoming a very wrongful person.

But if one were to see the God in others and the good qualities present in them, then the saadhak would one day no longer remain a saadhak; God would make that saadhak a Siddhi and give him the supreme gift of the highest grace.

YogaFX Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Hour Teacher Training Seminyak BaliThus, Bhagwan Shri Krishna says to Arjuna, ‘You are a yogi and full of divine powers’ and thus, You have the right to attain success. And those men who sin due to their wrongful behavior giving rise to negative energies will always keep a man enslaved to sorrow and misconceptions, and all his internal personal growth will be snatched away.

And thus, Negative energies become a cause of bondage.

YogaFX Bikram Yoga RYT 200Hour Ubud Canggu Seminyak BaliACCORDING TO MODERN THINKING whatever we wish for is what is worthy to us. But according to the Bhartiya understanding, the fulfillment of our wishes is what is worthy.?

The first man has awareness, then he has wishes, and for the fulfillment of those wishes, he needs to work towards them. This work can be successful or unsuccessful. If he is unsuccessful it will cause him sorrow,

but if he is successful he will feel at peace

When work is successful our wishes are fulfilled. Therefore, the fulfillment of our work, our wishes, our desires is what is worthy to us, not the wishes themselves. In modern thinking, desires are valuable, but all desires cannot be called worthy.

What we like is what is worthy to us

woman holding loveBut the question arises – is what we like good or is it because it is good that we like it? So let us say that it is good and that is why we like it. But for something to be worthy, it may or may not be to our liking.

If we say that what we like is worthy to us, and usually to a great extent our likes are honorable and towards good, however sometimes our likes can be dishonorable as well.

THERE ARE MANY THINGS which despite being valuable and worthy, may not be liked by us e.g. bitter medicine or hard work.?‍?

These may not be liked by us but are valuable by themselves

Because without doing any work we can never be successful. Hence, to associate worthiness only with what we like is not the correct way to understand the value of worthiness.

And so whether we like it or not, what is important is what we will consider as worthy. Waking up early in the morning and doing asanas and pranayam may not seem interesting but still, it is very important for our lives.

YogaFX Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Canggu Bali

Thus, we will call this worthy

That is why worthiness cannot be dependent on our likes and dislikes

But rather we should look at the merits, values, and importance, and only then can we understand the language of worthiness. For our likes to be called worthy, they should be honorable and of importance, those which will help us in the growth of our physical, mental and inner selves and those which are good and useful, whether we like them or not but they are full of value.

YogaFX Yoga Alliance RYS 200 Hour Teacher Training Studio Canggu BaliJust as taking the bitter seem leaves, or waking up in the early morning cold to practice yoga may be difficult, yet worth it. Then there is a third aspect of worthiness, namely those things that are worthy whether we give them importance or not. Just as ‘Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram’- Satyam-Truth, Shivam- that aspect of God,

Sundaram – Beauty

these are valuable and worthy by themselves.

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Through Yoga Sadhana We Can Gain Knowledge and Understanding of True Worthiness.?‍♂️