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    Food Options. It is very important to eat the food that you like.

    When you join our YogaFX Teacher Training Course here in Bali you will be treated as adults, and our goal is to keep your yoga environment as close to real life scenario as possible. One of the most difficult transitions a new yoga teacher will go through is the first week of their Yoga Teacher Training, new faces, new environments, new routines, many more yoga practices that you are used to ,and a lot of new information to take in.

    THERE IS NO POINT in us providing you with 3 meals a day of the food that (our accommodation provider might be comfortable in preparing) you don’t like. The majority of students complaints during a yoga teacher training course (yes, students complain on Yoga TTCs)  is always about the food. The lack of variety. Same same every day.

    You cannot keep healthy and strong

    Eating the same 3 choices of food every day.

    The same menu option each day, rice, lentils, veg, and potatoes. Many courses in India provide NO dairy or fish, meat, chicken. The only protein source is through beans and peas. You get my point.

    Also make no mistake, RYS’s that provide full catering are being charged by the venue for catering. This cost is added to your course price and the RYS will add a profit margin on top of that again .

    In most cases you may be also disappointed to hear that the RYS’s also receive a kick back commission from the venues for taking their course to the advertised venue in the RYS websites.

    These kickbacks are not passed on to you the students. This increases your costs, and increases the RYS’s profit.

    Not Very Yoga !

    The YogaFX Approach Is Different.

    Our YogaFX founder lives in Bali, and has done for a number of years. It is because of his relationship and respect for the balinese people and its culture, that our founder has been able to negotiate great accommodation, food packages.

    These benefits are passed on to our student’s in-full, by way of huge reduction in overall RYT 200 Yoga course price packages. We have also removed the other areas of a yoga course supply chain where the RYS’s can possibly receive kick back commissions.

    We want you to have to more control over where you spend your money.

    All of these savings combined, results in you our student having a complete accommodation and RYT 200 inclusive package, well below what the other RYS’s are charging just for their course alone.

    YogaFX International Yoga Teaching Academy is therefore able to provide you with the world’s greatest all-inclusive RYT 200 hours price.

    But of course our student numbers are limited.

    THIS IS DIRECTLY the cost saving approach that we take to your food options. You need a healthy balanced diet and to eat the food that you love during daily intensive physical activity. We believe that in order for you to completely immerse yourself and experience the many benefits during your time with us in Bali, is it important that you eat well, sleep well, feel well. Together these 3 elements translate in to you practicing yoga very well and having the most amazing time during your Bali 200 Hours RYT Yoga Course.

    There is nothing worse than not enjoying the provided food menu options and being in an isolated location.

    Our team thought about this a lot as most of any RYT courses complaints are..

    always about the food.

    It would be impossible for us to provide you with food options to suit every palate. We would only be able to offer a predictable, repetitive, protein deficient and limited food menu options, as other RYSs already offer.

    We thought what if our students could eat the food that they prefer, choose their own food menu options, go directly to the source and benefit from the cost savings? Makes sense right!

    It would mean that we can keep your total course costs down.

    What if you have the freedom to set your own daily food budget and not have us charge you for a one-size-fits-all food menu policy? 

    What if you had a selection of local restaurants with complete food options available? Menus ranging from Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranean, Balinese, Western, Vegetarian, Vegan and all other food options all within walking distance of you room and offering…

    A 20% food menu discount for all YogaFX Students

    Yes that’s right, we have negotiated and confirmed that of all our YogaFX students will receive a FULL 20% DISCOUNT OFF the menu choices from our local restaurants. These local restaurants have been carefully selected for their menu options, variety, cleanliness, ambience, menu flexibility, hospitality and service of staff. In short, we have road tested each one of this restaurants before hand, to ensure that they are of the highest standard when it comes to our YogaFX recommendation. All you will need is your YogaFX Academy ID card.

    It is our students that we would like to benefit from the increase menu flexibility and to benefit in full any cost savings.

    No, of course the idea here is not for you to go off and..

    eat pizza and pasta every day.

    This would be nuts. But with the help of our YogaFX Food Guidance Program; it will be very straight forward for you to lose any excess body fat (should you want to) and build strong toned lean muscle as a consequence of your daily physical yoga sessions.

    At the end of the day and after a 20 day Yoga programme you might love to witness some mind body spirit transformations of your own.

    During your 20 day YogaFX Bali Yoga Teacher Training you will learn good new habits including food choices. You will have the confidence to return home and continue these new habits and maintain a healthy mind body spirit lifestyle.

    Do You Have Your Purpose ?

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